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Do You Want To Know Easy, Enjoyable Ways
To Heal Your Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual Hurts…  Anywhere, Any Time?

Yes! Then, THIS IS THE PLACE for you. WELCOME to Awesome Self Healing. STAY as long as you like.

Jenny Smagala Dear Friend,

My name is Jenny Smagala and I’ve been a professional medical and alternative healer for over thirty years. I’ve always been passionate about teaching people how to help themselves, and I love to empower and uplift others. So, I created this website to provide a free resource guide for people who want to learn how to heal themselves, on all levels of their being.

Here, you’ll find plenty of information about self healing methods, including detailed product reviews and, of course, your buffet of top quality, self healing tools. This selection will continue to grow as I add more and more, awesome self healing morsels.

 open door to your self healingThe Door To Your Self Healing Is Wide Open.

Now It’s Up To You How You Use This Gift From The Universe

Over the years, I’ve tested many self healing and self development tools, and I’ve weeded out the ones that don’t work so well. Only the best, most effective ones are included on this site. All you need do, is look through the menu for something ‘delicious’ that piques your interest, and follow the links to give it a try.

Please note that just because a program isn’t reviewed here doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome.  It may not have come to my attention yet, or more likely I haven’t had time to research, test and review it.

Where To Look First    

There are so many different ways that you can learn to heal yourself, and, quite frankly, all of this information can be a bit overwhelming, so how can you find the best healing tools for you?

  • If you’re not sure what healing method you want CLICK ON THE CATEGORY TITLES BELOW to find out more.
  • If you’re looking for a specific topic, SCROLL DOWN to the section called, Healing Methods Covered So Far.

Self Healing Categories

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If you’re wondering whether any of these methods will work for you, I want to remind you of something that your Higher Self knows to be true…

You Have The Power To Heal Yourself

Healing Does Not Necessarily Mean Curing.

Maybe a cure is not possible.  But healing is definitely possible. Every time you positively influence your health and wellbeing, you are healing some aspect of your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual being. You are restoring balance. You are getting OFF the path to dis-ease and pain, and ONTO the path to ease and wellbeing. I know that simply being on the healing path may not be enough for you! You want to feel like you’re in charge of your life and your body; you’re searching for ways to control your health. AwesomeSelfHealing.com  will guide you on your quest, by revealing many ways that you can learn to become your own best healer.

This Does NOT Mean You Have To Do It All ALONE.

There are many talented and caring people who can offer assistance on your journey to vibrant good health, but it is important to recognise that the true source of your healing is YOU! The power is in YOUR hands… sometimes quite literally! More importantly perhaps, the power is in your head or in your thinking, and in your heart! This may be a hard concept to accept but…

Your State Of Wellbeing Depends On What YOU Do With Your Life…
The Choices YOU Make… And The Beliefs YOU Choose To Keep Active In Your Thinking.

You are NOT powerless; you are NOT stuck; and you are NEVER, EVER useless, even if it sometimes seems that way. You may have forgotten just how talented, strong, and powerful you are. You can read about your awesome self here, if you’d like to know more.

I plan to add new material as often as possible, so if you can’t find the information that you’re looking for, please try again later. Or sign up for email updates so I can let you know when I’ve added new articles, and  healing tools.  I hate spam too, so I will never share your email details with anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Healing Methods Covered So Far

  • Reiki: Tune in to the Life Force of the Universe; the natural healing energy that has always been available to you. Turn your hands into powerful healing tools. Find out how you can achieve a true Reiki Master Level, (with full certification), for a fraction of the usual cost!    Show me more…

  • Qigong: Learn how to move in such a way that you optimise your body’s flow of chi for good health, vitality and longevity. Increase your flexibility and strength; improve your blood flow; lower your blood pressure, boost your energy, and calm your mind…   Show me more


Common Sense

Please note
, the information on this site isn’t meant to replace medical care or the care of the appropriate health professionals. There are likely to be times when you will require another’s expert help, and only you can know when that is. BUT… what do you do while you wait for an appointment; or the surgery; or the money to pay for it; or the tablets to kick in, or for help to arrive? And what do you do if there IS no help? Well, hopefully, the information on this site will guide you to some of the answers.

Which Healing Tools Will Serve You Best?

Well, that’s not up to me to say because it’s YOUR body, mind and spirit, so it’s 100% your choice.

However, you can’t go wrong with any choice that rings true, or ‘feels light’ to you, because everything you want to change or heal in your life is about dealing with the same energy… just in different forms. It might be one particular method or tool that completely opens you up to being your truly AWESOME SELF, but it’s more likely to be a combination of tools. You wouldn’t expect to build a house with just a hammer,would you? Or paint a rainbow with only three colours? Likewise, building a comfortable and colourful life for yourself will probably require more than one tool.

That’s Why I Offer A Buffet Of Healing Choices.

You can ignore the ones you don’t like the taste of, and delight in the ones that seem DELICIOUS to you.

The good news is that self healing has been going on, for as long as people have been on this planet. The human body and mind are designed to heal themselves. We are meant to thrive. We just need to get out of the way sometimes, to let that happen!

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