Your Awesome Self, the First Key

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ASH key 1 | awesome selfThere are three key elements that form the foundations of this website. This is about the first Key, your awesome self.

Did you know that there's a part of you that is truly AWE INSPIRING? This part of you is pure, positive energy; unlimited and always free. It is the creator of all your experiences and of your personal reality here on Earth.

This Part Of You Can Heal Anything!

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It has higher wisdom, and a broader perspective, about everything. After all, it is eternal. It never dies.

It never gets smaller or less effective with time. In fact, it's always expanding. It never loses its memory or its vision, nor does it ever get stiff and tired. It is never depressed or angry or hateful.

And believe it or not…

This immensely powerful, non-physical YOU is the LARGER PART of who you really are.

Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it, but …

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Is This Your Awesome Self?

Well, let's explore a bit further.

People tend to think of themselves as primarily physical beings.

For some of us, that's all there is, but I'm guessing you wouldn't be on this site if you didn't believe there's something more.

So, what IS this something more?

For most of us it takes the form of a separate and mysterious element, that we have no way to measure or define. We describe it as our essence or life force, and give it lofty names like Soul, Spirit, Ka or Higher Self.

This unseen, untouchable part of ourselves is kept at a distance, because we can't be sure that it's real, and it seems that the only way to know for sure… is to DIE!

We speak of having a soul, but do we have it backwards?

Is it the soul that has us?

What if we never stop being spiritual beings?
Think about that for a moment.
If we are non-physical and physical at the same time, then
we don't have to die to know ourselves as spirit!

A New Understanding

This, then is the new understanding of how it is…

We are eternal non-physical, energy beings, temporarily projecting a part of ourselves into the physical realm.  

The energetic connection between the two parts is never lost but the small human self misunderstands and sees itself as whole and separate.

It's a bit like this…

Imagine, for a moment, that you're standing in a completely darkened room. You can feel your body but you can not see any part of it.

You carefully stretch out one arm in front of you until your pointed index finger makes contact with something smooth and round. The surface beneath your finger tip lights up.

And suddenly, there is something visible in the darkness.

Your finger has landed on a large globe of planet Earth, and seems held by the tiny circle of light emmanating from the area that you're now attached to.

Even though you know the finger is yours, it appears to be separate from you, and completely claimed by the material world that it touches.

Now imagine that the being in the 'room' is your non-physical self.

You have no eyes to see, and no sense of body parts, but you are absolutely certain that you and this illuminated finger are one, no matter how much of a vibrational gap, or distance, exists between you.

Sadly though, it's clear to the 'finger', with it's limited view of reality, that it is alone and cut off from everything else.

It has only the dimmest sense of the rest of its vast being.

Doesn't sound very awesome does it?


  • When you consciously connect…

  • When you start to wake up from the illusion of separation…

  • When you come into greater harmony with the wiser, more expanded, non-physical YOU

  • Then…

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Remember, you are non-physical and physical AT THE SAME TIME, and the two parts are always connected, whether you're aware of it or not.

The only thing separating your physical and spiritual selves is a difference in vibration… you are out of sync with YOU.

Which means that all you have to do, to narrow this vibrational gap, is raise your vibration to more closely match that of your non-physical self.

To do this, you need to spend more time appreciating things… and less time complaining. You need to find a way to cultivate happiness…. and let go of resentment, judgement and worry.

The pure, positive energy being that is YOUR ETERNAL SELF is never angry or sad, or jealous or judgemental; it is always operating from the perspective of unconditional love.

The closer you are, in thought and vibration, to this greater YOU, the more AWESOME you become.

Thanks for visiting.

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