Whose Eyes Are You Using?

Is it YOUR viewpoint or are you looking at the world through someone else's eyes

When you wake up in the morning, whose eyes do you most often use to view yourself and the world? Seriously. THINK about this for a minute.


Of course, I’m talking metaphorically, and what I mean is, whose viewpoint dominates your thoughts?

You might think it’s always yours. After all, the thoughts are in YOUR head so they must be yours. Right?

Sometimes that is true, but it may surprise you to know that many of the viewpoints we hold are not really ours! There's more to your perspective of yourself and the world than you might think.

The Reason I’m Asking About your Eyes

You know what writers and healers are like - we love to share our insights, good information and new perspectives that come from personal experience. Plus, our eyes are super important. We all need to look after them.

The Message Of Eye Pain

Last week I asked my body why my left eye kept hurting me – I get sharp pains in it occasionally. And I came to the conclusion that my eyes were fighting each other. Not literally of course.

I realised that my body was offering these pains to let me know that I was struggling with two or more conflicting perspectives about myself, and my life.

You get the emotional link of courseeye problems AND an issue with your perspective (vision) on one or more topics.

The message from my left eye (1) was that I was viewing the world through my dad’s eyes, which clashed with my chosen beliefs and my chosen view of the world.

Okay, you’re thinking. What’s the big deal? We all learn our values from our parents or some other significant adult in our lives – especially ones we want to love us. So, why not see the world through their eyes; judging things as they do; believing everything they say?

1. In the language of the body, left-sided issues normally relate to the feminine energy and right-sided issues relate to the masculine energy. This is not to do with gender, although it may represent a problem that we have with a male or female. It is instead about the mix of masculine and feminine energies that we all have. The energy crosses over at the eyes, so the left eye is the masculine-energy viewpoint and the right is the feminine.

From Sponge-Minds To Discernment

As young kid’s our minds had no filters. They were like sponges. Put a sponge in liquid and it has no choice but to suck it up. It has no ability to discern a “good” liquid from a “bad” one.

Kids have minds like sponges

Before about age five, we were the same. We couldn’t tell good from bad, truth from jokes, or useful beliefs from limiting ones. We observed everything our parents did, and all they told us, and stored it away in our subconscious minds as truth.

Now, as adults we have the ability to assess and weigh up information. We have discernment!

We can consciously choose what we want to believe, and sometimes we don’t agree with the beliefs that are already in our heads. It doesn’t make them wrong. It just means we’ve learned something new and changed our minds.

Subconscious Programs And Your Body’s Messages

That’s where the problem starts because, for many of us, the old subconscious programs are still running in the background. Even though we have new beliefs in place, the old ones can still influence our decisions and our actions, without us being aware of it.

Subconscious Programs and Your Body's Messages

I don’t know about you, but for me, I like to be a bit more in charge of what’s in my head!

When we become aware, we can do something about it, which is why we need to listen to our bodies’ messages.

From a metaphysical perspective, my left eye was seeing the world like my dad, with a bias towards logic, judgement and perfectionism. While my right eye was trying to see the best in everything, to stop judging; and to value intuition and logic equally.

Now, I love and respect my dad, but I don’t necessarily want to think the same way as he does. So, when this message from my eye was received, I did some clearing and letting go.

I used the Access Consciousness ® ideas to let go of “everywhere I was seeing the world or myself through my dad’s eyes”. And it worked! So far, my left eye has behaved itself.

Where Did Your Viewpoint Come From?

Now you are more aware of what this is all about, I ask you again, whose eyes are you using to view yourself and the world?

Looking  at the world through other people's eyes

Are you metaphorically putting on your father’s eyes, your mother’s eyes, your sibling’s or best friend’s eyes, or the eyes of your favourite teacher or coach?

Are you blindly following the way they see (or saw) the world, without questioning whether it’s what you really believe.

As an example, so many of us grow up with the concept of never being good enough, and even though as adults we can logically see that this is rubbish, we still run this self-destructive program. This is one perspective that we need to release.

Ask yourself, “good enough for what, or for whom?” and, “compared to what?”

Healing Eye Problems

Perhaps you have ongoing physical problems with your eyes. If so, your body may be trying to give you a message about a perspective issue you have. Are you judging yourself harshly because you’re looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes?

Maybe there’s something in your life that you don’t want to see (be aware of). Or maybe you’re seeing something in a way which no longer serves you, and your awesome self wants you to let it go.

Really Useful Books For Healing Your Eyes (and other areas)

The book, The Secret Language Of Your Body – The Essential Guide To Health And Wellness by Inna Segal, has some interesting things to say about eyes in general, as well as what specific eye problems are telling you, and what to do to heal yourself.

Also Emotional Freedom Technique expert, Carol Look, has written an excellent book called Improve Your Eyesight with EFT, about using tapping to resolve eye problems. It is based on a very successful experiment she did using EFT.

I have included easy links for you, in case you like to shop at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Well, that’s all I had to say. I hope this has prompted some thoughts about whether your views about yourself, and about your life are really yours.

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