Telo-Essence II – Upgraded Anti-Aging Supplement Packs A Punch

Telo-Essence II is the latest version of Dr Sears’ anti-aging supplement. This major upgrade adds a whole lot more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory punch to the mix. It now has tumeric and curcumin as well as 9 other star players, and I think you'll be impressed with the changes.

In February 2015, Ultra Essence upgraded to the first version of Telo-Essence, and in April 2016, Dr Sears gave us Telo-Essence, version 2.  I guess the upgrade is no surprise, given that he is committed to creating the best telomere support supplement on the planet. I’m sure you’ll agree that he has way too much passion for telomeres and anti-aging; food as medicine; and what he calls "the new young", to stop before he’s created the best youth enhancing supplement possible. 

TELO-ESSENCE II is from Dr Sears’ private label, Primal Force. It replaces Ultra Essence and the first version of Telo-Essence. The powder supplement has ELEVEN MORE telomere support, and anti-aging ingredients and the price hasn't gone up at all!

Telo-Essence II  showing 11 new ingredients, the product and youthfulness graph

What Do The Telo-Essence II New Ingredients Target?

Telo-Essence II includes all 30 active nutrients from the first Telo-Essence supplement, PLUS 11 MORE - for a stronger, more balanced formula!

Judging by the nutrients Dr Sears has selected, he is targeting some of the biggest inflammatory conditions of the body – the ones that are likely to cut short your life!

Type 2 Diabetes; Heart Disease; and Cancer

While researching the new ingredients for this review, it became obvious that Dr Sears is specifically targeting some of these greatest killers of our time. This is in addition to old age, of course.

Six of the eleven new ingredients are anti-diabetic; seven of them protect the heart; and seven of them have anti-cancer properties.

Digestion and Bowels

There’s a lot more awareness now of how important gut health and digestion are to our overall well-being. It doesn’t matter how well you eat. If your digestion is not working well, your cells do not receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

Telo-Essence version 2 includes Acacia Bark, Berberine, Boswellia Serrata, Parsley and Velvet Bean, which help settle digestive complaints. This is good news for anyone who loved Ultra Essence or the earlier version of Telo-Essence - but their gut didn’t!

Virility and Fertility

The newly added, Velvet Bean and Zinc, boost virility and libido in both men and women. This is partly because they increase testosterone levels. Both nutrients improve male fertility, and velvet bean helps erectile dysfunction.

Oxidative stress

This is one of the biggest contributors to aging because oxidants damage DNA, lipids, and proteins in the body. That's like making holes in the roof of your house, damaging the foundations, and then wondering why it rots and falls down.

Unlike a house, we can't easily see the results of oxidative stress inside our bodies. However, we can see the changes in our skin.  We all want smooth, youthful skin forever don't we?

So it’s good to know that Dr Sears added loads more, powerful antioxidants to Telo-Essence II. This means that every cell in your body, (skin included)  is more protected.

Chronic Inflammation

Most of the new ingredients have strong anti-inflammatory qualities. This is important because we now know that chronic, low grade inflammation is the root cause of many human diseases. I’m delighted that Telo-Essence II includes the inflammation-busting power of Turmeric and Curcumin. These awesome antioxidants really pack a punch!

Telo-Essence II is the fourth generation of Dr Sears’ telomere-support supplement. It may offer the most balanced formula yet, with more anti-aging and energy-boosting power than ever before.

Click here for my review on Dr Sears' anti-aging supplement if you want a less detailed, somewhat shorter, and lighter-toned article about Telo-Essence II. It also tells you more about what it means to be one of "The new Young".

What Are Telomeres?

Chromosomes (DNA) with Telomere caps

Telomeres (pronounced TEE-luh-meers) are the variable-length, DNA sections at each end of the chromosomes. They protect your vital DNA, especially during cell division.

The telomere is an important factor in cell reproduction because it controls how many times a cell can be “copied” or reproduced. It also determines the quality of the copy.

In the case of your telomeres, length really DOES matter!

Every time the cell reproduces itself, the telomere gets a little bit shorter. And as it gets shorter, the copy suffers. It’s a bit like running out of ink in your printer. When there’s too little telomere (ink) remaining, a usable copy is no longer possible. Then, that’s it for a mortal cell!

You could equate this with planned obsolescence for human beings! (Ha ha)

All the physical power and potency you can handle… effortlessly married to the insight, wisdom and financial means you’ve earned over your lifetime.

Telomerase And Immortal Cells

To create an immortal cell - or in other words a cell that can do endless, perfect copies of itself - you need lots of TELOMERASE.

Telomerase Creates Immortal Cells

Telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein. It  adds a repeat DNA sequence to the end of the telomere, when the cell divides. This special enzyme rebuilds and lengthens the telomeres after each cell division.

Telomerase (or terminal transferase) is in all our cells but it is ‘switched off’ in most of them. Sperm and ova cells contain activated telomerase. This is why they can keep dividing and reproducing themselves so frequently, and for so many years.

Other mere mortal cells aren’t so lucky. They get older and die!

What about Cancer Cells?

As with all things in Nature, there is a question of balance and perhaps telomerase in every cell is not such a good idea. I’m talking about damaged and mutated cells here, or what we call cancer.

Have you heard that many cancer cells are called immortal cells? This is because they contain activated telomerase which allows the damaged cells to keep on reproducing.

This is NOT a good outcome!​

If cancer is present in the body, it might sound like a bad idea to switch on more telomerase, but consider this for a moment...

Telomerase is already activated in cancer cells, so switching it on, in your immune system and your organs, would help to balance the score.

Imagine pitting an immortal being against a mortal. (I’m sure you’ve seen a movie or two about this.) The mortal rarely wins, at least not without help. But face an immortal cancer cell with an immortal immune cell and that definitely evens the odds. At least that’s how it seems to me!

Of course, if you are currently dealing with cancer, then be aware that this is just my opinion and you will need to seek professional advice about using this supplement.

Keep in mind, though, that Telo-Essence II includes 7 known, cancer-fighting compounds. In particular, frankincense and turmeric, or its curcuminoids, have been used to treat cancer in some cultures for many years. (There's more information in the "Star Players" section  below.)

Healthy Cells and Telomerase

For all of your healthy cells, anything that switches on their telomerase is a cause for celebration. It’s not just YOU that wants a good quality, longer life. YOUR CELLS want that too!

That’s why Dr Sears' anti-aging supplement aims for two main outcomes:

  1. Stopping the telomeres getting shorter. This slows down the aging process and allows more cell divisions, which means more time to enjoy life.
  2. ‘Switching on’ the telomerase to lengthen the telomeres. This directs the cells to produce ‘younger’ copies of themselves, effectively making your body feel and look younger.

“The sooner you start supporting your telomeres, the sooner
you’ll reap the benefits of your newfound youth.
If you start now, today will be a day you grow younger —
instead of older.”

~ Dr Al Sears, Doctor’s House Call (Email Newsletter - April 26, 2016) ~

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Slow Down Your Aging Not Your Body

Wrinkly Shar Pei Puppy

Let’s face it, aging is inevitable. We can fight it but we can’t really win! However, we CAN influence HOW FAST we age, and how we look and feel while we do it.

We don’t have to accept that aging means weakening of the body. Nor do we have to accept that it's normal to get sick, and slow down.

And we certainly don’t have to accept having more wrinkles than a Chinese Shar-Pei puppy!

Dr Sears created Telo-Essence II to give you the best and most affordable way to slow the aging of your body – in the way it looks, feels and functions.

Telo-Essence II Best Deal!

The original anti-aging treatment from Dr Sears was an injection costing thousands of dollars a shot! Now, it’s a much more reasonable investment – and NO NEEDLES!

Telo-Essence II comes in powdered form (like its two predecessors). It's a simple drink taken once a day. The powdered format makes its much easier for the body to absorb the nutrients, and there's no capsule to slow the process down.

This telomere supplement combines 41 powerful nutrients, sourced from all over the world, in a unique anti-aging formula that is only available from Primal Force.

If you had to buy all 41 ingredients separately, (assuming you could find them) it could easily cost close to a thousand dollars a month, so I think you’ll be really pleased with the price. It has stayed the same, (since I started taking Ultra Essence back in May 2014), even with the TWO BIG UPGRADES.

THE BEST DEAL is $199 a jar (lasts a month), with FREE SHIPPING, plus you have Dr Sears’ money-back, satisfaction guarantee.   THIS IS A SAVING OF 45% !

This supplement could be YOUR key to looking and feeling younger, having more energy and greater comfort - because less inflammation means less pain. With continued use, it may even turn back the clock, as it has for Dr Sears and some of his patients!

As Dr Sears says...
“You don’t have to accept age-related decline as a part of get
ting older."

Telomere Supplement Keeps Getting Better 


Take a look at the graph to see how much has been added to Dr Sears’ telomere support supplement. The number of anti-aging ingredients has skyrocketed!

Telomere Support Supplement Changing Nutrient Number - graph

Inflammation And Aging Are Down For The Count 

I'm not an advocate of fighting but sometimes we need a bit of punching power to make positive changes in our health. Happily, the new Telo-Essence II ingredients provide that punch.

If you take a look at the benefits listed for each new ingredient, you'll quickly understand their power to fight inflammation and aging.

And that's just the NEW ones!​

Nobel-Prize Winning Breakthrough Lets You Combine the Energy of Youth with the Wisdom, Experience, and Financial Resources of Your “Golden Years”

Every ingredient in Telo-Essence II has a host of benefits that could be your reason to try this anti-aging supplement. 

Inflammation and aging are the BIG ISSUES but they are not the only ones.

If you had less pain and greater flexibility, or more youthful energy and strength, would you enjoy life more?​ Would you be happier?

It may sound a bit cheesy but really the only reason to ever take any supplement is because you believe it will make you feel better in some way... and therefore happier!

Presenting Dr Sears' New Star Players

It’s a BIG update this time, as you saw in the graph above, and there’s a LOT to go through for eleven new ingredients. I realise that not everyone wants the same degree of detail, so if you would rather read a shorter review, then you'll enjoy this anti-aging supplement post more. It also gives examples of Dr Sears' New Young!

AND... if you want even more detail, there are links to interesting source material, in the references section at the bottom of this article.

To save you having to scroll into next week, (ha ha) I've used these drop-down sections. Just click on the ones you want to read about.

Turmeric Root Extract


Acacia Bark Extract


Boswellia Serrata Fruit

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Hawthorn Fruit

Petroselinum Crispum


Velvet Beans



Telo-Essence II Ingredients Label

Is Telo-Essence II Too Much To Handle?

When I first heard about the extra ingredients, I did wonder if 41, in total, might be a bit much for one drink. But then I had a think about a normal meal and what it might contain. I thought how all the different dishes get mixed together in the stomach and gut, and how well our bodies handle that mix.

Meal with mixture of food types and nutrients

Just think for a moment what you ate and drank for your last main meal of the day. How many different types of foods did your stomach have to deal with?

I can’t even begin to guess how many hundreds of different enzymes, vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, antioxidants, polyphenols and fibre are in an average meal. Even a simple banana has 13 nutrients – and that’s just the ones we routinely measure.

So, what do you reckon? Can you handle 41 ingredients that are designed to work together, in synergy? Silly question. Of course you can!


Congratulations on making it through this long article. Even if you skimmed through, I expect you will now have at least 3 good reasons to try Telo-Essence II. And you only need one!

Whether you’re fit and healthy, or struggling with disease, you know that you have an important choice to make.

You can go on the same way, believing that aging is inevitable and sickness is the norm. Or, you can use the information in this article to your advantage.

You can try Dr Sears, anti-aging supplement RISK FREE. He has a very generous guarantee.

Or if you want to go it alone, by all means, try a few of the telomere support nutrients mentioned and see how that works for you. Though, you may get tired of taking a fistful of tablets and capsules. It's so much easier to have them all combined, in doses that work well together.

Turmeric, Curcumin and Frankincense are a good starting point, but then it’s not really about individual nutrients is it?

The 41 nutrients in Telo-Essence II are chosen because together they create an effect far greater than the individual benefits. They are chosen because they work in synergy: to support the telomeres; to stimulate production of telomerase; to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress; and to help you become one of “The New Young”.

What would less pain, or more energy, or a better sex life, or balanced blood sugar do for you?

What would it feel like to have even half of your youthful vitality and drive​ back again?

Want to find out? Then, click the link below.

Telo-Essence II - Your younger, stronger body starts here

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