Taking Care of Yourself – Reiki Healing

Reiki is timeless and energy never dies. So, this reiki healing session is always available for you to tap into, over and over again! To start taking care of yourself, simply use the power of your imagination, and your intention to access the transformational energy.

It does not matter whether you were part of this reiki distance healing or not. It makes no difference whether you are already a reiki channel or have never heard of reiki before.

It is possible to receive this healing (after the event) in a similar way to repeatedly downloading a pdf or mp3 file (energy) that is publicly available on the net. As long as your intention is clear and strong, you can energetically access this distance healing.

Before you read this reiki report, intend that the healing energy flows to you, helping you release whatever is blocking you from taking care of yourself, and opening up new awareness as well as new opportunities for self-care.

Alternatively, you could learn reiki and give yourself a daily energy boost. You can even study reiki online. It’s quick and easy to learn.

Taking Care of Yourself

The Reiki Report For November 12th 2014

Open your hearts. Open every cell of your body and drink this reiki energy in. Or, breathe it in if you prefer. Breathe in all the love; all the success; all the well-being; all the self-caring that you could possibly want.

This is YOUR time! For a moment, forget about the rest of the world and their troubles.

Think about yourself. Think about what YOU need. Think about what would fulfil you and bring you joy. What would make your eyes sparkle, and your lips curve in a BIG SMILE?

Drink it in.

Breathe it in.

Allow it in.

This time is for you. This energy is for you. There is no limit to how much you can take in, except for the one you set.

What do you dream of being?   Then, in this moment BE THAT!

What do you dream of having?   In this moment, HAVE THAT!

What do you dream of experiencing?   In this moment, EXPERIENCE THAT!

Shine Your Light

I have never seen all of you burn so brightly before. You are plugged into the Universal Life Force and switched onto full power!

You are bright strong flames – beautiful to see – like a field of twinkling lights, or a mass of candles floating on a calm lake.

As usual, we are gathered together as a group, but for the first time perhaps, we are not looking to our neighbours for their needs.

We are looking exclusively at our own needs.

This is unbelievably invigorating for the whole group, (and for anyone who tries this later) because when you take care of yourself, you expand the energy of the Universe through YOU…

And everyone benefits!

I am so proud of you all: for daring to let go of the need to serve others before yourself; for understanding that this one hour is to feed your own spark of Divinity, to feel your own power; and to simply…

BE all that you are

Nothing is cast out here. Nothing that you are, offends Source Energy. Nothing that you’ve done or not done, upsets Source Energy. Every part of you is welcome – the light AND the dark.

Uniting The Fragments Of You

Call back to yourself, all the outcast parts of your soul. Call back all the dark and buried secrets; the parts of your soul you have feared or hated or judged as wrong.

This time together is about each of you being fully and completely you. Call back the lost fragments; the fractured and broken parts. Call back the sad and lonely aspects; the not-good-enough parts; and open your arms and your heart WIDE.

Welcome all that you’ve rejected, or that others have rejected in you…

-  the unfavourable
-  the tasteless
-  the selfishness
-  the lack in you
-  the judgmental
-  the diseased
-  the strangeness
-  the difference that sets you apart

Re-create yourselves as whole beings; as whole souls. NOTHING is too bad; nothing is too wrong; nothing is too good; nothing is too abnormal, to be accepted as you.

Cherish it all. Welcome it all.

Uniting the shattered fragments of Your Soul

Imagine a slow motion video of a light bulb exploding from within, so all the fragments zoom outward in all directions. Then reverse the movie and see all the pieces returning to wholeness.

That is what you need to do. Draw back to yourself all of the fragments of YOU, scattered across time and space. Call them back to you now.

All the parts you cut away, rejected, lost, abandoned, gave away or vowed to give away.

Call them home.

Let the reiki dissolve any fears you have about accepting these parts of yourself back. These are facets of you - aspects of you - that need embracing.

Source energy rejects nothing and no-one.

All is loved.

The Merging Of Opposites

Duality is dissolving. The dark is becoming lighter. Have you noticed? (This is in reference to YOUR experience of the world, or your personal reality, not the world in general.)

The boundaries between opposites are falling away. Duality is unifying…


This is not so the opposite aspects merge completely. We need some contrast because our desires are born of contrast.

But perhaps the contrast does not need to be so great now.

In the past the difference between what we wanted and what we didn’t want was often huge. But as we become more unified, the difference can become smaller. This makes for a smoother, calmer life with less emotional and physical extremes.

Balance Between Vibrational Extremes

Picture a metronome swinging through its full range from one extreme to the other. As it slows, it comes closer and closer to the balance point in the centre and the arm swings less and less to each side.

Like the metronome, our vibrational meter can also start to swing less wildly. We can then notice more subtle differences between what we want and don’t want.

This smaller contrast will still trigger desires in us. These desires emanate from us as invisible vibrations, which is what keeps Source Energy expanding.

So when you have a desire (that you don’t confront with roadblocks) you do the world a favour – but that’s a story for another time.

Take Care Of Yourself

Most of us were raised to take care of others, and we often skimp on self-care in favour of helping other people. We do this as a gift for those we love and cherish, or because we feel responsible for other people’s well-being, but there is a greater gift we can give to them, and to the world.

And that is... to BE HAPPY yourself.

Which is much harder to do if you do not take care of yourself – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

We cannot give well to others when we are sad and exhausted, no matter how good our intentions are. (Monday’s low-energy reiki session was a perfect example of this, thus the need for this bonus healing session.)

So, find some time each day to care for yourself, and start listening to what your body wants.

Keep on asking for all the fragments of yourself to return across time, across space, across all dimensions. See yourself as whole, unbroken.

Be proud of who you are, for no-one creates exactly the same wave of vibration as you do.

No-one adds to the All-That-Is in the same way that you do.

You are valuable. Take care of yourself.

Be aware of what you need physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Listen to the loving prompts from your inner self, and whenever you can do so safely, act on them.

This is not about listening to the voice of judgement…

-  the internal parent
-  the voice you whip yourself into shape with
-  the punisher
-  the inner critic

This is the gentle, soft suggestions to take care of yourself. Things like

-  maybe don’t eat that right now
-  wait a while before doing something
-  try some meditation
-  listen to your favourite music
-  relax in a hot bath
-  go for a walk
-  take some time out - sit and read for a while
-  rest or sleep

It’s never presented as you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T; or MUST or HAVE TO. It’s more like

-  this would feel good right now
-  This food or drink would please me
-  I’d like to move a bit now
-  I’m tired, turn out the light and sleep

Obviously you can’t always follow the prompts immediately but start listening, and when it’s timely and safe, follow them.

Keep on drawing in the reiki energy for as long as you need to, and come back and remind yourself of how special you are, as often as you like.

THANKS FOR VISITING. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS, to remind them of the small ways they can happily take care of themselves.

Thanks also to photographers, johnhain, amissphotos, hans, Froeschle and PublicDomainPictures, on pixabay.com for providing free images for me to create mine with. The gift is greatly appreciated.

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