Self Healing, the Second Key

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Part 3: Resistance Blocks Your Healing

Self Healing | Second KeyWeight-trainers, hold on a minute, because this is not about the sort of resistance that builds muscle. In fact, I'm quite a fan of weight training. This is about mental resistance, otherwise known as stubbornness; opposition; refusal to give in; or repressing your thoughts and emotions.

Given what I said earlier about you as an energy being, you might be wondering…

If your natural state is one of complete wellbeing, then how do you become a vibrational match for sickness, or a LACK of wellbeing?

And the answer is RESISTANCE!

When you repeatedly resist something in your life, as in, you mentally shout 'NO' at it; or you push against it, then you affect the energy flow in your body.

You can feel this yourself. Take a moment to try this exercise. I'm happy to wait.

Closing down your energy with the word 'no'Think Of Something You Absolutely Do NOT Want In Your Life

Imagine it's right there in front of you, and shout NO at it. (with feeling!) You can do this in your head but speaking out loud will make it easier to feel the energy shift.

Does this make you feel light or heavy?

Does your body tense up and contract, or does it relax and soften?

For example, were you aware of your abdominal muscles tightening?

Now Imagine Something In Front Of You That You Definitely DO Want In Your Life

Saying 'yes' expands your energyShout YES at it and compare the feeling that this gives you.

Once again, notice whether this makes you feel light or heavy; whether your body tenses and contracts, or opens up and relaxes.

Did your chest lift up a little?

If you don't feel any difference, just look at the postures and expressions of the people in the two photos. They say it all.

When your energy contracts, it feels heavier. It slows down.

The vibrational gap between you and YOU widens a bit, and you partially block the flow of wellbeing that you would otherwise receive.

If you do this often enough, you eventually see evidence of your resistance in symptoms of mental, emotional or physical ill health.

Imagine doing this all your life! It's makes sense then, that older people generally have a lot more health issues than children.

And here's something to consider…. has shouting NO at anything in your life ever sent it away or stopped it from happening?

Complete Self Healing

When your body heals itself of the obvious illness or injury, you naturally think that the healing is complete.

But is it?

What if there is an associated 'trauma' that is not quite healed?

Physically, this is easy to understand. Have a couple of falls off swings and horses, like I did in my childhood and no one's surprised when you have back problems as an adult.

Kids heal pretty quickly, and they tend to brush off the emotional impact, but the subconscious mind, which has no ability to reason, can hold onto the 'trauma' in ways that the logical mind can't fathom.

Not every illness or injury will have a significant impact on your subconscious mind. It depends on the severity of the trauma, (which is a subjective measurement), and the sensitivity of the person involved. What one person experiences as a slight trauma, might seem moderate (or severe) to someone else.

We Are NOT All The Same

We feel things differently. We view things differently.

A healthy child that falls over and skins its knee while playing, gets up and plays again pretty quickly…there is little trauma involved here… BUT it is a different story if there is violence, ridicule or shame involved.

And if the person who falls is elderly, the trauma is different again. Not only is there likely to be more physical damage, but the fall generates fear and embarrassment, especially if they see it as a sign of weakness.

Healing the energy pattern from the trauma itself, so that it doesn't keep recurring, will require you to be consciously and deliberately involved.

This level of healing goes way beyond fixing things, or getting rid of symptoms, although that will no doubt be your initial focus. The aim is to become aware of the underlying causes of your dis-ease or injury (even if you don't know the specifics); to listen to what your body is trying to tell you; and to make choices that lead to lasting healing.

This is where skills like tapping  and reiki come in handy. It also helps to have an understanding of the metaphysical meanings behind your ailment.

Does Self Healing Include Modern Medicine?

Of Course! Why would you exclude any option that might assist your return to complete well-being?

Unlike some who imply that healing yourself should be a purely natural process that excludes prescribed drugs, surgery and the like, I believe that there is room for ALL methods of healing. They can work well together if everyone keeps an open mind.

For example, reiki energy healing can greatly assist you to cope with the effects of an operation; and the medical tests that your doctor recommends can provide good feedback  for an alternative, or complimentary medicine, approach.

If you're ever wondering what healing path to follow, take a look at the pros and cons; do some research; think about it logically and intuitively; and if it sounds right, feels right, or looks right for you, then give it a go.

It is after all, your body, your life, and YOUR CHOICE.

BUT… this doesn't mean that you have to do everything yourself. Accepting treatment and guidance from others; or allowing people to intervene on your behalf, can definitely be a part of your self healing.

Being Selfish Is A Good Thing

You are the only one who can truly heal yourself on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and vibrationally. This means that YOU NEED TO BE SELFISH, in a good way. Not self-absorbed to the point of obsession, but rather self-aware.

You need to care about how you feel, and act accordingly.

Remember, it is a feeling of relief that you're looking for. Let that feeling guide your choices, rather than fear-based emotions.

Have you ever noticed that when you act out of fear or worry, it never ends up well, but when you take action from a state of appreciation or love, then everything goes more smoothly?

Only YOU can know how you feel about anything. Your emotions are there to guide you towards being your fully healed and awesome self.

Only YOU know how and why something is important to you.

And if , on your healing journey, you discover that your beliefs are holding you back or harming you, take comfort in the fact that they aren't set in stone.

They are merely thoughts that you've practiced thinking, over and over again.

You CAN change them!

Thanks for joining me today
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