Self Healing, the Second Key

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Self Healing | Second KeyPart 2: Levels Of Healing

Self healing can be on different levels, and I'm not talking about the surface of the body versus deep in. Instead I'm referring to healing the obvious injury or illness, versus 'inner healing' which deals with the underlying or additional factors.

There is always the obvious aspect, the symptom or state of dis-ease that got your attention in the first place.

But there is also the not-so-obvious aspect. This can be, for example, the emotional impact of a physical injury. Or an underlying physical cause, like a struggling liver causing skin rashes. In this case, healing the rash won't do anything to help the liver.

Underlying causes can also be metaphysical; or emotional and mental factors. Your body is a wonderfully accurate mirror of your thoughts and feelings. It will gift you with a physical sign so that you can address the issues and resolve the problem. Yes, I know, it doesn't feel like a gift!

The Simplest Level Of Self Healing

bandaged arm | natural healingThis is where your body and mind naturally restore balance, by repairing damaged or abnormal components.

From a purely physical body perspective, this involves cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones, torn muscles, infections and the like.

You are not consciously aware of the healing process, except as it is measured by the change in your symptoms.

The bleeding stops; the skin closes over, and leaves a scar. The discolouration of a bruise gradually fades. New skin forms beneath a blister. Broken bones knit together and become solid again. Soft tissue fills the gap in torn muscles. Redness and pain leave the infected areas of your body.

Your body heals itself, even if you do nothing specific to aid it, although if you do take deliberate action the process may be faster.

This action doesn't need to be complex or difficult. It can be a simple thing like applying a bandaid or bandage; going to a doctor or other health professional; applying a lotion; and using ice or painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets or antibiotics.

Assuming that the injury or ailment is minor, you are soon restored to your pre-injury state, and that seems to be the end of it.

Similarly, if you undergo a mild mental trauma that gives you temporary symptoms of: sadness, shock, confusion, fear, rage, or loss of hope, for example, your mind 'heals' itself without you having to take any specific action.

Again, you can choose to do something to speed up the process, but you don't have to.

This is still self healing but it's not what this website is aimed at, because you don't need anyone's help with this level of healing.

However, the underlying cause is another matter.

Deep Self Healing Or Inner Healing

Have you ever wondered why some physical, mental and emotional problems don't get resolved?  

They either don't heal (fix themselves) or they keep returning to plague you, or the symptoms pop up somewhere else in your body, or in your life.

When this happens, you need to start paying attention, because it's an indication of some deeper level of imbalance in your life, your mind, or your body.

You Can Search For Underlying Causes, like the example I mentioned earlier of the struggling liver causing skin rashes, but even this is not deep enough for true healing. You would then need to ask yourself what your liver and the rash are trying to tell you.

Rashes are usually hot and red. They are a sign of inflammation, so you may want to ask yourself, what are you so 'inflamed' or angry about?

Metaphysically, the liver is linked with the emotions of anger and rage. Interestingly, a person who is described as being 'liverish, is someone who is highly irritable and grumpy. The liver is also linked to an attittude of worthlessness, which leads to feeling useless, which is enough to make anyone cross with themselves.

Taking This Even Deeper… the emotions that we call anger and rage, are really vibrational frequencies that we emit when we are having thoughts that we equate with these emotions, but perhaps that's a story for another time. The chart below will give you some idea of what I'm talking about.

Inner Healing | metaphysical connection

This is a whole new level of inner healing for yourself, that requires a more personal involvement and a willingness to take responsibility for your life, health and happiness.

Energy Concepts Related To Healing

There's not space here to go into these ideas in any detail, but they do need to be mentioned. I expect to add more articles and blogs later that will expand on these beliefs.

Change How You Feel And Shift Your Vibrations  

You cannot heal well while you maintain the same viewpoint or attitude about the topic that is 'making you sick'. If rage and worthlessness are your issues, you need to find a way to feel lighter about them; in other words you need to reach for THE EMOTION OF RELIEF. This represents a positive shift in your vibrations and sets you on the path to healing.

To quote Abraham-Hicks, in The Astonishing Power Of Emotions, "Relief is the cure that all medicine is looking for."

That's a pretty bold statement, and if you're not familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, and the Law of Attraction; and you somehow missed the movie, The Secret, then it probably sounds both strange and improbable.

You As An Energy Being

You may already know and accept these concepts, or you may not agree with them, which is fine… but hear me out anyway.

  • You are an energy being, constantly emitting vibrations that Source Energy  responds to. Basically, it gives you more of whatever you are emitting
  • Everything in your life relates to the 'vibrational messages' you are transmitting in the moment.
  • There really are no accidental injuries or illnesses.
  • I know it's hard to believe but there is always a reason, beyond the physical "excuse", for whatever illness or injury you have.  If you can find that reason, even in general terms, then theoretically, you can find a way to heal anything.
  • Your natural state is one of complete wellbeing. You cannot experience ill health in any way, unless you are an energetic match for it. Have you ever wondered why you sometimes avoid getting a cold when everyone around you is coughing and sneezing? And what makes one person slip and fall in the supermarket, when lots of other people cross the damp patch on the floor without any problem?
  • Even when healing seems complete, because your symptoms of ill health have gone, energetically you may still be wearing the ailment pattern, like an invisible cloak. If this is the case then the problem may return, or resurface later as some other bunch of symptoms. If you ignore the message from your body, it will just get 'louder'!
  • I realise that these ideas are a massive stretch for people who have never heard them before. If they don't sit well with you, please do yourself a favour and pretend for a moment that they're true for you.

You can always reject them later…     Continued on page 3

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