Self Healing, the Second Key

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Self Healing | Second Key
Self healing is as natural as breathing. On some level we all do it everyday, and yet the idea of healing yourself is often misrepresented, and scoffed at. So, I thought it was best to clarify what I mean by the term, 'self healing'.

Basically, it's making yourself better, but there's far more to it than that.

What Is Self Healing?

self healing | ASH celtic triskelion | second keyA good place to start is the dictionary definition.

Based on the four categories for the word, "heal" in The Encarta Concise English Dictionary,  this is what self healing is.

1. Curing from An Ailment – making yourself or your "injury healthy and whole".

2. Repairing And Restoring Naturally – for example, by scar tissue formation.

3. Rectifying Or Repairing "something that causes discord and animosity".

4. Morally Purifying yourself by getting "rid of a wrong, evil or spiritual affliction".

This shows that healing has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects; and that it may include the actions of curing, restoring, repairing, rectifying, and getting rid of something we don't want.

Phew! Sounds like a lot of effort to me… maybe it's all those 'r' action words. And I'm not too fond of number 4, either. It makes me think of the movie, The Exorcist, and revolving heads!

But, all joking aside, here is My Self Healing Definition. For the purpose of this website…

"Self healing is a process of restoring, or moving towards,
your highest possible wellbeing and your awesome self, in any
area of your life, through your deliberate application of
physical, mental or spiritual practices."

There you go!

If all you wanted was a definition of self healing, then you have several and you don't need to read any further.

Unless you want the full story…

You DO? Are you sure? Alright then. Let's do it!

Why Is Self Healing A Process?  

The word, process, is used because healing involves a series of actions and thoughts that move you towards wellbeing.

It's a balancing act!

With a cure, there is a definite end point. You're either cured or not; there's no inbetween, but with healing, the end point is often hazy.

It could be argued that the healing process is ongoing; that it never stops, until the physical body dies, because there is, in even the healthiest people, a constant need to restore equilibrium and balance in the body's systems.

I expect you know that when you stand still, you are not completely still. Even those people that can emulate statues, are making micro-movements all the time.

Highest well-being | balanced self healing | tightrope walkerThere is a repeated shift from the point of balance, towards 'falling' (i.e off-balance) and back to balance again. The body constantly adjusts muscle tension, so that we don't fall over.

Well, much of the body's healing is like this.

However, we only become aware of the process when we sustain an injury or become ill in some way. In other words, when we're way off balance.

What Is Your Highest Possible Wellbeing?

The level of wellbeing or wholeness that YOU can achieve may be very different from someone else's because it depends largely on your unique collection of beliefs; and on what you see as being possible.

It has less to do with how far "off balance" you are,   i.e how sick you are and how long you've been unwell, than you might think.

Contrary to popular understanding, science doesn't rule reality. It doesn't dictate the course of events. What we now KNOW to be true and possible, is largely based on what we've previously accepted as true, both as individuals and as a collective consciousness.

For example, according ro Abraham-Hicks, people do not regrow amputated limbs because nobody truly believes it's possible. And why is that? Well, no-one's done it before, that we know of… if you don't count the movies.

Remember the alien in Men In Black, who grew another head, when K shot the first one off. It was very funny.

However, in the so-called "real world", we are an evidence based society, which means that until someone regrows a limb, it can't be done!

So, to state the obvious…

Your highest possible wellbeing is the best you can do, with the understanding and resources that you currently have.

This means that the bar will raise and lower depending on what's going on in your life; and on the thoughts that you accept as true.

Remember the first key, and reading about your awesome self and your vibrational gap?

The more limiting beliefs you have, the wider the gap will be between you and your non-physical self.

The less limiting beliefs you have, the closer you are to being your awesome self; and the higher your possible level of wellbeing will be.

Why The Use Of Deliberate Application?

As I said before, this website is all about you finding ways to heal yourself, but nothing here will work very well if your approach is haphazard, and lacks focus. I'm not saying it has to be only logical and rigidly structured – intuition and heart choices are encouraged here –  but you will need to take deliberate action.

Your natural state is one of complete wellbeing, and your Spirit will always draw you towards it, but unfortunately, people get in their own way, much of the time, and sabotage their own healing.

It sounds bizarre doesn't it, but many people resist wellbeing, even when it's the thing they want most.  Usually, this self sabotage is NOT a deliberate or conscious choice, but rather a subconscious pattern of behaviour.

This is one reason why there are so many different methods of healing available. People are constantly trying to find new ways to bypass their own subconscious blocks. And it's also why you need to deliberately apply your chosen healing method, whatever form that takes…   Continued on page 2. 

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