Sedona Method Course – 2015 Releasing Fest Access

What is the Sedona Method and will this emotional releasing tool work for you too? For me, it is an invaluable healing tool that has helped me through many a tight spot, but only you can decide whether it’s right for you. And in order to do that, you need to experience the power of Sedona Releasing for yourself.

How To Experience Sedona Releasing For Free

Sedona Method Releasing Fest

You are in luck because March 30th to April 4th 2015 is the Releasing Fest.

This means you have a rare opportunity to try the Sedona Method Course for free!

Click the picture to get your free pass for the Releasing Fest, where you can find out all about the Sedona Method and how you can use it to smooth your path in life.

The first six audios from the tried and tested course, taught by Hale Dwoskin, will be available for you to experience, absolutely gratis, with no obligation.

Each audio will be available for two days, so you have plenty of time to listen to them and to absorb the information.

How To Use Sedona Method Releasing In Your Life

Now, if you’ve never heard of the Sedona Method, (or even if you’ve tried it before),


Tips From Hale Dwoskin On How To Use The Sedona Method Releasing In Your Life

Hale starts by saying…

“If you can allow yourself to incorporate the Sedona Method into every part of your life, you’ll find that your relationships get better; your well-being gets better. Even your finances will increase.”

If you’ve ever felt “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t have enough….”

If you want to change or fix things in your life...

If you get angry or stressed; if you’re exhausted or not sleeping well. If you suppress your emotions or express them in ways that cause problems in your life, then you'll find the Sedona Releasing is an invaluable healing tool for you.

It will teach you how to release your emotions instead of bottling them up or going on a rant.

Do yourself a massive favour and check out this healing tool.

TRY it – don’t just read about it and then reject it, without experiencing it for yourself. You owe yourself that much, and your body will thank you for it!

I apologise for the short notice because the Releasing Fest starts in 2 days - on March 30th.


Free Pass to Releasing Fest

You’ll be glad you did!

P.S. If you see this post a day or so after March 30th, you may still be able to access the free trial of the course. Click the link and see. You’ve got nothing to lose.

And yes, using the links above may earn me a commission if you choose to buy the course but it does not affect you at all…  except you get to feel all warm and fuzzy for helping me keep the website going!

Thanks my friend.

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