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Essence Of Reiki Review
The Reiki Store Course, Essence Of Reiki, is a traditional, Usui reiki training, delivered in a non-traditional manner, in that it is done online. This reiki master course created by Garry and Adele Malone, offers a variety of learning options, with the choice of using reading material, audios and videos.

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Quick Review of Reiki Training, Essence Of Reiki

Adele and Garry Malone

REIKI-STORE Essence Of Reiki
Reiki Master Course

Created By: Garry and Adele Malone

Overall Rating: 4.5 star rating

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Value For Money5 star rating
It Does What It Says It Does4.5 star rating Not fully tested – looks
excellent so far
Ease Of Use For Self Healing5 star rating
Ease Of Use To Help Others4 star rating
Suitable For PeopleAged 18 years or more, with any level of reiki
training (beginners to masters)
Special Requirements None listed. The videos are in MP4 format.
The written material is in PDF format.
Product Type – Digital Instantly downloadable pdfs & videos; plus online
videos and multimedia
Ease Of Digital DownloadUntested but don’t anticipate any problems
Product Type – physicalNot Available
Money Back Guarantee 5 star rating (8 weeks) No questions asked.
Encrypted Safe Purchase5 star rating
Purchase Options Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, SOLO, SWITCH, Paypal
Receipt Emailed To You Yes (from Clickbank merchants)
Personally Tested By Jenny Partially tested – enough to see that it’s good value

Essence of Reiki  | Reiki Store | Reiki Master CourseFull Review:

The Essence Of Reiki, reiki master, video home-study course is a digital, multi media product, is not available in shops. It is only available HERE.

This review includes details on the five most important qualifying factors from the table on page 1, plus my personal evaluation.

1. Value For Money 5 star rating

  • This Usui Reiki Course Offers Great Value, judging from the preview and other materials that I’ve seen.

  • The Training Material: the three manuals that come with this reiki master course are provided in pdf format and have also been converted to 49 video, and 49 audio lessons. The video presentations are done by Garry Malone.

  • The content is extensive, and follows the traditional Usui training very closely. Plus, Garry and Adele have made a few additions of their own, like the Ultradian Rhythm Technique.

  • The Reiki Attunement: Unlike the Chikara reiki training, this one does not include a self attunement, so you will need to book a time for your distant attunement with the Malone’s. There’s no pressure to complete the lessons within a certain time frame. You can take your time if you wish, or do it in 48 hours, if you’re in a hurry. There is a special mp3 audio to use during this ceremony.

  • Other Materials Included Are: 4 bonus meditation tracks, and reiki manuals, certificates and a lineage chart to give to your students.

  • Bonuses: Garry and Adele provide lots of bonuses; including access to their online library of over 70 additional videos and many health-related pdfs.

  • Ongoing Support is provided by email.

  • The Current Investment in your health for this online course is only USD $297. (Check their website because they do offer a discount sometimes)

  • This Is A Magnificent Opportunity to gain the complete Usui Reiki training (1, 2 and master levels) for less than the cost of a live level 1 class. This saves over $1,500 on the current cost of doing all three levels as face-to-face classes.

  • This Is A Genuine Reiki Training. Do not be mislead by the low price.

After Completing The Distant Attunement With Garry
And Adele Malone, You Will Be A Legally Certified,
Usui Reiki Master And Animal Reiki Master.
How awesome will that be!


2. It Does What It Says It Does 4.5 star rating

  • The reiki-store approach is clear and professional and inspires confidence. Even though this program has yet to be fully tested by me, I’ve had a good look at what this training offers, and it’s very impressive.

  • These reiki classes online are created by skilled professionals, who understand how others communicate and learn, so I’d be surprised if they didn’t do an exceptional job. In addition to being reiki masters, Garry and Adele, are clinical hypnotherapists, master NLP practitioners and life coaches; making them particularly qualified to run such a course.

  • This home study program delivers a multi-media, step-by-step, clear way for you to learn reiki. As soon as your payment is processed, you’re granted entry to the members area, where you can access all the components of your course.

3. Ease Of Use For Self Healing 5 star rating

  • There’s nothing difficult about learning reiki with Garry and Adele.

  • The information is presented in three different formats, so you can choose what suits you best, and you can learn it at your own pace. The lessons have been deliberately structured to give you an easy and pleasurable experience, and there are many helpful diagrams and images. If you enjoy videos and professional powerpoint presentations, then you’ll find the mp4 video format of the manuals very rewarding. You can also read the same information in the downloadable pdfs, or listen to the manual on mp3 audios.

  • You can book your distant attunement as soon as you’ve completed the course material. In this one ceremony, you’ll be attuned to Usui Reiki 1, 2, and master levels, and you’ll also be attuned to animal reiki 1, 2 and master levels.

  • Graduation: You will then be provided with your three Usui certificates, and three animal reiki certificates.

  • As soon as you are attuned by Gary and Adele, you can start giving yourself reiki. You will have learned the specific hand positions by then but even without these, every time you place your hand(s) on any part of your body, you will give yourself reiki. It always flows. Even if you have nothing that needs “treating”, it will “top up” your body’s energy.

  • If you have any questions, there is an FAQ on their website, and both Garry and Adele can be contacted via email.

  • Being able to give yourself reiki is a great comfort, and it feels wonderful! Do this course once, and this priceless gift will stay with you for life!

4. Ease Of Use To Help Others 4 star rating

  • The Essential Information And Guidelines are well covered by this course; but naturally, it cannot give you the hands-on experience that you would have, by studying in a live class.

  • For Non-Professional Use: If you’re using this purely for yourself and your close friends and family, then it’s not really an issue. People are usually delighted to get a free healing and relaxation session, so they will probably be eager to have you practice your new healing skills on them.

  • For Professional Use: If you’re planning to set up your own reiki healing business or school, then you will need to get some hands-on experience with “strangers” as well as with people you already know. It’s important to know how to touch without offending people and how to deal with people’s emotional responses to reiki.

  • The easiest way around this is to study with a group of people. This doesn’t mean that you all have to do the training at the same time of the day, and in the same room, but it would be better if you are all attuned in the same ceremony. You will need to meet regularly to practice the hand positions, treatment of others, and the attunement process (if you plan to teach).

  • You Could Also Attend A Live Reiki 1 Class, either before or after doing the Essence of Reiki course. This would still keep your cost relatively low, and would give you a group learning experience. Make sure that they include a practical session of hands on treatment, where you can personally experience what it’s like to give and receive reiki.

5. The Money Back Guarantee: 5 star rating

  • money back guaranteeThis Is The Same Great Deal offered by the other online reiki class. A live class is unlikely to match such an offer.

  • With 8 Weeks To Trial The Course, you can afford to be a little adventurous. So, if this particular home-study course appeals to you, then why not give it a go!

  • Even If You Never Consciously Use Your New Skill, it will never disappear. You’ll be a reiki channel for life, and that’s always a good thing.

6. My Personal Opinion: 4.5 star rating

  • I am not a fan of audio books or manuals presented as videos, but I love to read! However, it’s not hard to see the enormous benefit of having audios and videos as well as the pdfs. We don’t all communicate or access information in the same way. It will also suit some people to be able to listen to the information, while they travel to and from work, for example.

  • The preview option is a wonderful idea, so that you can have a listen to Garry’s voice…you’re going to hear a lot of it… and check out the style and quality of the videos for yourself.

  • Personally, I enjoy a touch more humour, some radical thinking, and a little lightness in my studies. This course is a fraction too serious and traditional for my tastes, but that could be a good thing, because this is exactly what some people are looking for.

7. Pros and Cons of Essence Of Reiki Course

  • Cons: There’s no option for self-attunement; it’s a bit too serious and old-school for me. You may see that as a positive.

  • Pros: Great price; high quality; safe online purchase; money-back guarantee; easy to learn; clear instructions; lots of bonus materials included; Usui reiki master training and animal reiki training. I rate this program as the close, second-best online reiki course that I’ve seen.

for joining me today. Hopefully, you found this review useful.


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