Reiki Master Training – Top Two Online Courses Compared

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Comparison of Top Online Reiki Courses
Compare the top two reiki master training, online courses, to find which one suits you best, or you could always do both of them, if you want.

The choice is entirely up to you.

Judith Conroy | Chikara Reiki Master
Ultimate Reiki Package
Adele and Garry Malone | Reiki Masters
The Essence Of Reiki
Both Of These Reiki Master Courses Are Excellent…  So It Pretty Much
Comes Down To Personal Choice!
Course Created By
Experienced Reiki Masters
Judith and Chris ConroyGarry and Adele Malone
Background Before ReikiNursing, Physical Therapy,
Spiritual, Metaphysics.
NLP, Clinical, Hypnotherapy,
Life Coaching

Levels Of Training Included

Reiki 1 (basic level)
Reiki 2 (advanced level)
Reiki Master

Reiki Distant Attunement

One Attunement Ceremony
That Includes All 3 Levels
For Usui Reiki
For Tibetan ReikiX
For Chikara-Reiki-DoX
For Animal ReikiX
Attunement FormatWebcast – pre-recorded videoaudio mp3
Book When You’re Ready
Option For Self AttunementX
Chakras ActivatedAll seven major chakras
plus palms of hands
Crown, third eye &
palms of hands
     GO TO …   Ultimate Reiki Package Review>>Essence of Reiki Review>>
     GO TO …   Chikara-reiki-do website>>Reiki-Store website>>

Course Content

Traditional Reiki Teachings
Radical Philosophy   X
Step-By-Step Clear Instructions
Digital Multi-Media Format
Pdf Manuals Provided
For All 3 Levels
Manuals Converted To
Video & Audio Lessons
(49 video & 49 audio lessons)
Authentic Reiki
Certificates & Reiki
Lineage Provided

Master level certificate.
Can request ones for
reiki 1 and 2 if you want

Reiki 1, 2 & master plus
animal reiki 1, 2  & master
Course Content Is Downloadable
Some of it is, some is online

All content is downloadable
Professional Student
Manuals Provided

(with professional package)
Student Certificates Provided
(with professional package)
Business Advice60 page e-book provided
(with professional package)
Included as part of course

Other Details

Reiki For Animals Includedshort referenceMore emphasised
Bonus Materials Included
Reiki Meditations IncludedX
Free Support Via EmailFor 90 days, plus can sign up
for free Sunday Reiki Chat
Ongoing. Instant access to
reiki masters members area
Private Group – Monthly Feeoption to join inner circlefor business training
Main Teacherfemalemale
PricingUSD $127  $97USD   $297
Money Back Guarantee8 weeks8 weeks
     GO HERE FOR THE …Ultimate Reiki Package Review>>Essence Of Reiki Review>>
     GO HERE FOR THE …Chikara-Reiki-Do Website>>Reiki-Store Website>>


 Tips For Choosing Your Reiki Master Course

Judith Conroy | Chikara Reiki Master

The Ultimate Reiki Package
Will Suit You More If…

  • You learn best from a female

  • You enjoy a creative or right-brained approach to learning

  • You are open to new ways of thinking

  • You want ALL your chakras attuned to reiki energy

  • You enjoy a mixture of learning methods and you like reading

  • You want to learn traditional Usui Reiki AND Tibetan Reiki AND Chikara-Reiki-Do

  • You want the freedom of self-attunement so you don’t have to book a time

  • You enjoy a touch of humour with your studies

  • You want the option of attuning your students, the traditional Usui way, or with Tibetan reiki included

  • You feel drawn to study reiki with Reiki Masters Judith and Chris Conroy


Adele and Garry Malone | Reiki Store reiki masters

The Essence Of Reiki Course
Will Suit You More If…

  • You learn best from a male. It’s Garry’s voice you’ll hear although Adele is also involved in the training

  • You enjoy an analytical or left brained approach to learning

  • You  prefer to keep your reiki training to the original Usui content

  • You want to treat animals professionally, and so you require animal reiki certicates

  • You prefer to listen or watch rather than reading

  • You have a “thing” for bonuses because they have a lot! Laughing

  • You are drawn to study reiki with Reiki Masters Gary and Adele Malone


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