Reiki Distance Healing – Expand Your Reach

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Reiki distance healing (also called absent healing or distant healing) is the ability to connect energetically with someone or something, across space and time. This is usually done with the intention of sending healing energy.

Where, When,  And Who Can You Send Reiki To?


  • reiki distance healing | anywhere in the world or universeTo anyone or anything, across any distance. It can be across the room; or all the way to the other side of the world, or out into the unexplored Universe.
  • To yourself. Use distance reiki to communicate with: your subconscious mind; your inner child; or your higher self. It can also help to heal a past life situation that is still impacting on your current incarnation.
  • Through time…  back in time, to clear an old trauma; or forwards to positively influence a future event.
  • To a situation. Some examples are: reducing conflict in a war zone; easing panic and suffering during a natural disaster; decreasing the stress of a job interview; reducing the risk of surgery; or any other ‘negative’ event.


  • Is manipulate someone else. The energy will temporarily shut off if you try. You cannot make someone love you. You can’t force someone to give you a job, or pay you money they owe you, but chances are, that if you reiki the situation, intending clarity and harmony and ease, things will work out better than you might have imagined.

How Do You Learn Reiki Distance Healing?

Appropriate Training

Absent Healing is taught in level 2 training. In traditional classes, you have to complete reiki 1 first. OR you can do all three levels at once, online.

Reiki 2 is where you learn about the symbols and have the special attunement ceremony that links you to the aspects of reiki that each symbol represents. Being attuned to these sacred symbols makes it much easier for you to use the distant healing part of reiki.

Some people claim that it’s possible to do this healing without the symbols attunement. Good for them, I say. But personally I think it’s a bit of a minefield unless you learn the ins and outs of it first. It’s easy to offend others with your intention to “help”. There’s more to learn than just what the symbols are about.

Is Reiki 2 And Distance Healing Right For You?

It may come as a surprise, but level 2 training may not appeal to you. It’s not for everyone!

The  psychic aspect of reiki bothers some people. Hands-on healing is comforting but perhaps the idea of having your private thoughts and feelings read, is not.

mind power | telepathy

Now, it’s important to get this into perspective. Everyone is naturally psychic. We pick up thoughts, feelings and images from others, all day long. We’re just not aware of the process, and so we think that the thoughts and feelings are ours, when 90% of the time, they came from someone else.

Reiki 2 doesn’t make you magically psychic. Unless you could consciously hear other’s thoughts beforehand, then it’s unlikely that the level 2 course will suddenly give you this skill.

However, it will enhance your ability to sense your client’s feelings and thoughts.

What Happens During A Distance
Healing Session?

If You’re Naturally Clair-Audient…

Then you may hear music, other sounds or a spoken message in your head. These can be fragments, clues, or comments that relate to the recipient’s most important health issue at the time. If you don’t get any messages, it may be because they just don’t want to talk, or you may need to gain their trust first.

Distant healing clients can be quite abrupt or even rude at times. It’s important to remember that while the personalilty may reject your assistance, their higher self will not, so you can always ask for reiki to go to the part of your client that wants it, and will benefit most from the healing energy.

If You’re Naturally Clairvoyant…

Then you may pick up either symbolic pictures or significant memories that relate to an issue that needs healing. A picture’s worth a thousand words, but it’s easy to misunderstand the message. Keep an open mind, and note the images down, and the part of the body you were working on at the time, so you can discuss it with your client later, if that’s appropriate.

If You’re Naturally Clairsentient…

Then you may pick up emotions, smells, and tastes that are related to your client’s problems. You may also feel some of their aches and pains, or their tiredness, in your own body. This can often guide you as to where to put your hands, but it can also be distressing. You might suddenly start crying for no reason, or have sharp pains. You don’t need to put up with this; it’s not a necessary part of helping someone else.

You can find out out whether these feelings are yours or your clients by using a statement like…   “If this [fill in the blank] doesn’t belong to me, please leave immediately and show me in another way.”

Then be open to however the message comes.

Your reiki master will teach you how to best use these new perceptions for the benefit of yourself and your clients; and they’ll teach you how to deal with this new source of information. It can be strange at first.

How Is Distant Healing Done?

Using A Surrogate

A pillow or cushion makes a good surrogate but you can use any object to represent the one you’re sending reiki to. Part of the process is to energetically place the being you are working on, in the surrogate, so stay away from using your pet dog or your own leg, even if they are conveniently close to hand. It’s also wise to stay away from your wallet or a handbag containing credit cards. Sending reiki through your cards may affect their use.

reiki distance healing | surrogate teddy bearMany reiki 2 channels, choose to use a teddy bear, for distance healing sessions. The bear is perfect for directing your energy to specific parts of the body. It also makes it simpler to go through a full session much as you would for a hands-on treatment.

Remember, the object that you use is a true representative, so handle your surrogate with care during the session.

As an example, I recently sent energy to an upset child in a café where I was trying to have a quiet lunch. No-one seemed able to stop it crying. Since I didn’t have anything else, I used my clean serviette as a surrogate, and did the symbols discreetly under the table. This also meant that I could reiki with one hand and eat with the other. Within seconds of me  starting the session, the child stopped crying.  Everybody wins in a situation like this!

The only difficulty was when I needed to leave, and I could feel the energy still drawing strongly. Unfortunately for the child I couldn’t keep on sending reiki at the time, but I made sure that the link between the child and the serviette was cancelled before I left. The idea of the child (energetically) being tossed in a bin wasn’t a good one.

How To Link With The Recipient

If it’s someone or something you know well, or you can see them across the room, then no other connecting aid is needed (apart from the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen distance symbol). A photograph will help to create the link with a stranger. You may or may not need a name.

If you don’t have a photograph, then you definitely need a name and some other identifying piece of information. For example, if you’ve been given the name Joe Smith, without any other qualifying details, then it’s possible that the energy will go to someone other than your intended recipient. But if you direct it to, Joe Smith, the man I spoke to on the phone yesterday; or Joe Smith, who’s in hospital following a car accident, then it helps you to reach the right person.

In ideal circumstances you sit quietly, without distractions, and mentally connect with the one you want to send energy to. There’s a process that you go through to do this, which includes the reiki symbols. After receiving permission to send them reiki, you use the surrogate to carry out the healing session.

You could instead, sit with the photograph (or written name) held between your palms for the duration of the treatment and focus on them that way, but then you do not have a hand free to write down anything that comes up during the session. Also this isn’t good for people with sweaty palms. Dampness and photographs don’t mix well.

Is Distant Healing Just For Healing Purposes?

From one perspective, it’s always about healing although it isn’t always obvious. Reiki distance healing can be used to gain insight into situations, events and conditions in your own life. You can use it to clear difficult past lives you’ve shared with others;  or to communicate with your higher self and your guides about your future, or your current struggles.

You can even send reiki to someone who has returned to the non-physical state (i.e they’ve died). Be prepared for some higher thinking though, as the non-physical being has little connection to the ego-based physical presence that they were. In other words, they may act out of character. Also, time frames can be a bit distorted, so don’t expect accurate predictions of when things may change.

This process can be confusing for some, so handle it delicately if you are doing the reiki session on someone else’s behalf. Distant healing for any loved one, pet or person, who has left the physical realm, may be used to ease your own grief, or to find answers that will help others deal with their grief.

Always approach your distance healing sessions in
a respectful manner, with positive intentions, and you
can’t go wrong.

Some people believe that those who’ve died need a life processing time, during which it is wrong to disturb them by sending them reiki. If this is the case for you or your client, just send your reiki forward in time to when they are ready and able to communicate with you.

One other aspect of distant healing is the learning of the first three symbols, and the associated boost in your reiki power. Doing level 2 further opens and widens your energy channels. Even if you don’t wish to do absent healing, you can still use two of the symbols to increase the hands-on energy transmission (for yourself and others), and to heighten your intuition.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into how reiki distance healing can expand your reach, and you now know whether you’re ready to explore this level of reiki or not.

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  1. Roy Gomez says:

    Hi, Jenny: Yes, I’m Roy Gomez of Rao Reiki San Antonio. I appreciate your thoughts on the practice, and I look forward to your next session, which I’ll make sure to attend — Sunday 1 a.m., for me. Best!

    • Awesome Self Healing says:

      That’s dedication Roy! Are you normally awake at 1am? And I guess you mean Mon at 1am. (what we call Sunday night of course). Thanks for your comment. ‘See you’ Monday. JAS (joy and synergy)

  2. sangeeta apoorv says:

    This is lovely article Jenny! Its even more amazing that I googled ‘distance healing symbol higher self’ and got here, only to find that you have written this article! I was looking for more information about how to connect to my higher self because just yesterday I wrote down all that I wanted to say and requested for guidance with forgiving someone close who always hurts my feelings.
    I was wondering whether drawing the distance healing symbol the next time I write a heartfelt letter will help.
    I’d love to know your thoughts!

    • Awesome Self Healing says:

      Hi Sangeeta. Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. Isn’t it wonderful how answers turn up when we are open to receiving them! The synchronicity of this is wonderful. I just wrote to my subscribers last night, about using reiki for forgiveness.

      There are several ways to go about it. Reiki your heart chakra (centre of your chest) while you think about the person or situation that needs forgiveness. Then, assuming you have done level 2, use the distance healing technique to call in the person you want to forgive. Do a sei hei ki symbol over the pillow or whatever you are using as a surrogate, and ask to speak to their Higher Self. This is their non-physical self and you are likely to get a higher perspective on what the conflict is about, than if you address the personality that causes you so much upset. You can ask if you’ve shared past lives together. This may be the source of the present day disagreement. Often this will give you insights that will allow you to soften your viewpoint.
      You can also reiki your own Higher Self and ask for insight into this issue, and you can send reiki to your inner child as well, if you feel that the issue originates from a childhood event.
      Another tip, is from Access Consciousness. When you are in judgement of yourself or the other person, say to your self “Interesting point of view. I have this point of view.” Say it over and over until you feel the judgement lightening up.
      Hope this helps get you started. In Joy and synergy, Jenny