Reiki Courses Online – Chikara-Reiki-Do Review

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Chikara-Reiki-Do Ultimate Online Reiki Package
The Ultimate Reiki Package from Chikara-Reiki-Do, is one of the best reiki courses available online. It is immensely popular, and offers exceptional value, as you will see in the review below.

Whether you’re new to reiki or have done one or more levels of training, the ULTIMATE REIKI PACKAGE  is a winner. It takes you all the way to being a FULLY QUALIFIED REIKI MASTER in just 48 hours!

And not just for Usui Reiki. You’ll also be a Tibetan Reiki Master, and a Chikara-Reiki-Do Reiki Master.

That’s pretty AWESOME, right? And you’ll be overjoyed at the tiny price for receiving this triple-power, lifelong ability.

Quick Review Of Chikara Reiki Course


Reiki Master Judith Conroy | Chikara Reiki Do

Ultimate Online Reiki Package

Created By Judith & Chris Conroy

Overall Rating:   5 star rating

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Value For Money5 star rating
It Does What It Says It Does5 star rating
Ease Of Use For Self Healing5 star rating
Ease Of Use To Help Others4 star rating
Suitable For PeopleAged 18 years or more, with any level of reiki training
(beginners to masters)
Special Requirements Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash Player (Links to free downloads are included with your purchase details)
Product Type – Digital
Instantly accessible from any digital device. 100% digital. Online e-book, videos and multimedia.
Ease Of Download5 star rating
Product Type – physicalNot Available
Money Back Guarantee 5 star rating  (8 weeks) No questions asked.
Encrypted Safe Purchase5 star rating
Purchase Options Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, SOLO, SWITCH, Paypal
Receipt Emailed To You Yes
Personally Tested By Jenny Yes
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2 Responses to “Reiki Courses Online – Chikara-Reiki-Do Review”

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  1. James Garcia says:

    My name is James. I was recently attuned over distance and it’s been about 23 days. My wife says she and the dogs notice a difference, but I’m a little doubtful of the energy working within ME. So, I guess it’s a ME problem ….again lol. Would it hurt to ask for your attunement as well? I imagine it wouldn’t, but just want to make sure. My goal is to offer a first time free healing and attunment, then charge a small fee or donation for income based for those that refuse to be trained in Reiki and are repeat customers for healing purposes. That’s where I think Usui became frustrated …people not demonstrating self responsibility by becoming attuned. Anyway, thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you.

    • Awesome Self Healing says:

      Hi James,

      What a great question. Many people wonder whether the attunement worked for them, and this mostly comes from a place of being unfamiliar with the FEEL of reiki energy. The more you practice reiki on yourself, the more open the energy channels become, and the more practiced you become at feeling the flow within you.

      I had the same problem when I first started. I was in a live class and my reiki master said that I was attuned, but I didn’t feel any different. My cats certainly noticed a difference, though. When I got home after the first attunement, they took one look at me (above my head), and ran away. It was so funny. Afterwards they came to enjoy having reiki.

      I was working as a physiotherapist at the time, so I got a lot of practice, which helped me to strengthen my flow of reiki. The energy switches on, automatically whenever you touch someone that needs healing, so that was pretty well everyone I touched!

      There is absolutely no problem with receiving a second attunement if you would like one. I don’t personally attune people, but the Chikara-Reiki-Do attunement is incredible. Even after years of using reiki, I found a marked increase in my reiki power. My hands had never got so hot with reiki channelling before, as they did after the attunement.

      If you want to offer a free attunement to people that’s your call. I need to say though, that reiki can’t be forced on anyone. The process just won’t work. Unfortunately, we can’t make people do the things we know are good for them. lol It always has to be their choice. If people refuse to be trained in reiki, there’s no benefit to forcing, tricking or guilt-tripping people, into taking the course (free or otherwise).

      All the best with your reiki life and work. May it bless you in more ways than you can imagine.

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