Reiki Classes Online Versus Live Lessons

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Which way serves you best? Here is a quick comparison between taking reiki classes online and going to live reiki lessons.

Although, it doesn’t have to be one way or the other. The two options for learning this energy healing method are not mutually exclusive. You can gain great benefit from doing them both.

To Consider
Reiki Classes
Live Reiki
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Class Location  Flexible. Anywhere you choose (internet access needed for parts
of it). 
Determined by the reiki master. There may not be one in your local region.
Class Timing
Flexible. You choose the day; month; and time – day, evening, or night. Determined by the reiki master. There may not be one in your local region.
Class Availability  Always available (assuming internet connection and working computer,
ipad etc).  
Classes may be booked out. May have to wait weeks or months for a class.
Pace Of Study   Flexible. Can work at the pace that fits your lifestyle and level of health.   Fixed class structure decided by the Reiki master-teacher.
Travelling Time And Cost     Not an issue. You can study at home.   Depends on distance between you and the class venue
Course Fees  All 3 levels done together
for under USD $130 
  • Reiki 1  $150 -$350
  • Reiki 2  $200 – $400
  • Reiki 3  $700 – $1500
Payment Risk     No Risk.8 week, money back guarantee.    
Usually there’s a non-refundable deposit. Unlikely to refund full course fees
Dress Code   You decide. Wear your pyjamas if
you like.    
Usually neat casual clothes. Reiki is given through clothing.
Group Interaction Meet New People     Your choice. Study on your own or with a group.  Usually taught in a group but training can be one-on-one.
Meet Your Reiki Master In Person
Supervised Reiki Practice Session  
No, but you can organise a group to study with you, so you can practice on each other  
Check with the course organiser. Usually there is a practice session included
Genuine Official Reiki Certificates  
Reiki Lineage Provided  
Support After
The Course 
  • Yes, via email for 90 days
  • Paid membership
  • From your own group if you study this way 
The good ones offer 1 or 2 follow-up or review classes

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