Learn Reiki Online – What A Great Idea

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It really IS a great idea to learn reiki online. So many more people can do reiki training when it’s offered this way. If the online course is well-designed and genuine, then only good can come of it.

Listening to the opinions of other people is confusingHowever, there are some people who want to do things the way they’ve always been done. They resist change. They have strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong when it comes to reiki courses.

The most important beliefs, though, are yours! What do YOU think is the best way for you to learn reiki? Are online classes going to give you the results you’re looking for.

Well, only YOU can decide  that for yourself, but maybe, I can help you make your decision by exposing the lies about  learning reiki online; and revealing why it’s a great idea.

First, we need to get some negative influences out of the way, so that you can make the best choice for you, regardless of what other’s think.

Limiting Viewpoints

Are You Influenced By Other People’s Scepticism
And Judgement?

People often leap to conclusions, don’t they! They pay too much attention to the narrow-minded, ill-informed or just plain mistaken, opinions of others, and they let these viewpoints limit their choices.

Except you of course, ‘cos you’re much smarter than that!

I’m sure you’ll find many people who will emphatically claim that reiki can only be studied in a live class. They would tell you that the attunements can’t possibly work, if you’re not in the same room with the reiki master. They are adamant that any deviation from the original Usui training is inferior and wrong.

The Truth Barrier

Of course, these people are entitled to their opinion, and if you wholeheartedly agree with them, then you might as well leave this page right now, because nothing I say will get past that “truth barrier” that you’ve already installed in your thinking.

However, if you are open-minded, and keen to save some serious money and time, for your training, then do yourself a favour and read on.

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The Option To Study Reiki Online

Reiki training has been available online since 2001, and there are some high quality courses to choose from.

Learning via the internet offers quite a few benefits, but it’s not for everyone. That’s the good thing about having choice…you get to choose what works for YOU.

Then again, maybe you don’t have to choose. You can do the course both ways – live and online – if you like. There’s no rule that says you can’t study with several different masters.

Rest assured that no-one, not even another reiki master, can mess with your energy connection. Once you’re tuned into the universal life force, it’s yours for good. Unless YOU pinch it off yourself, the flow of energy can only get better with each authentic attunement.

Each master will add their own beliefs and interests to the mix. I believe this is a good thing, but then I’m an eclectic, not a purist.

What About The Purist’s Objections?

Opinion 1: Reiki Can Only Be Studied In A Live Class

It’s true that there are benefits to a live class, and I’ll go into these later, but the core elements of all reiki courses are:

  • The attunements, that “switch on” your ability to channel the life force energy
  • And the information provided that allows you to make the best use of that energy for yourself and others.

Online courses can provide these just as well as traditional format classes.

Opinion 2: Distant Attunements Can’t Possibly Work

The limiting belief here is that the master and student have to be in the room together.

Remember, this idea is coming from people that probably teach or use level 2 distant healing, so they know that reiki operates outside of time and space. This means that the energy can be sent forwards and backwards in time, and over any distance.

So, how could  a distant attunement, done by a genuine reiki master, fail to work? It doesn’t make sense.

It’s nice to be in the physical presence of your teacher, but if they are confident of their abilities and you are not overly sceptical, then it’s not a requirement.

Opinion 3: Any Deviation From The Original Usui Reiki Training Is Inferior And Wrong

disapproval and judgement of othersThis is all about personal opinion.

‘Inferior’ and ‘wrong’ are value judgements.  What one person sees as being ‘added value’ to a class, another may judge as being a pollutant.

A Quick Word About Judgement

Did you know that judgements close down your ability to give and receive, so how does this help you in your quest to provide healing for yourself and others?

Judgements are fueled by fear of change… even the good ones.

When we find something or someone in our lives to admire or to believe in; to honour and to respect…when we find something that works for us, just the way we want it to…  it feels good. So of course, we try to hang onto this good–feeling element in our lives.

We think that if we keep it pure and unadulterated, and resist the natural evolution and change, that we and everyone else will be better for it.

What do YOU think?

Should We Allow Other Philosphies And Healing Practices To Be Combined With Reiki?

And, isn’t this how it’s used anyway?

Once you’ve become attuned to the life force energy, then you are forever a channel for it to flow through, and whoever  or whatever you touch will receive it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, nursing, crystal healing, body work of any sort, or just comforting someone with a hand on their shoulder; or even shaking hands. The energy will flow through you.

There are five reiki principles taught by Dr. Usui, but what if we added a sixth….

Just for today, let go of judgement.

Wouldn’t that be a good thing!

Opinion 4: Reiki Levels Must Be Taught Separately

You may have heard that reiki online training, combines all the levels of reiki together instead of following the live class example of three separate lessons. If so, are you concerned about receiving all the attunements in the one session?

Some people think it’s wrong, because the traditional approach, is to have a gap of months or years  between the levels of training.

And yet, the founder of reiki, Dr Usui, attuned himself to master level in the one ‘event’. He managed to quite successfully, awaken his full ability all at the same time. So, why should you be any different?

This really is a personal choice, but one of the great things about reiki is that it can do no harm, which means that there is no danger connected to doing the attunements all in the one session.

Find Your Own Point Of View

Binoculars focus your point of view

Before you listen to the people who turn up their noses, or sneer at learning reiki online, pause for a moment, and consider, whether their perspective is true for YOU.

Do your research, and go with the master and the course content that feels right to you. In other words, it feels ‘light’ in your body; or expanded and open… Continued on page 2
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