How To Use Reiki – 6 Key Factors That Define Your Reiki Experience

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how to use reiki | gift of loving energyReiki has a wide number of uses, some of which are quite surprising. It’s a bit like opening a gift box full of joyful possibilities. So it’s of great benefit to be clear about how to use reiki. I’m assuming you already know what reiki is, and how to learn it.  If not, please check out my reiki directory to access the first two articles.

Your experience of the positive, loving, life-force energy that is called reiki may be different than someone else’s, because the way in which you use reiki will be determined by the following six factors.

1. Your Level Of Training

When you’ve completed….

  • Reiki 1, you know how to give yourself and others hands-on healing

  • Reiki 2, you can do distance healing, as well as hands-on healing from level 1, and you know how to use the sacred symbols

  • Reiki 3, you can do hands-on healing from level 1, and distant healing from level 2, plus you’re now qualified to run classes and to attune others

2. Whether Your Session Is Professional Or Non-Professional

Professional Reiki Sessions

If you are using reiki in your healing business, you will of course be able to charge a fee for your service. Reiki can be combined with other healing modalities like massage and body work. Professional sessions tend to be fairly structured (although this doesn’t rule out intuition). Due to legal requirements, they must comply with your country’s rules of professional conduct for hands-on healing.

Your business can be home based or in professional rooms elsewhere, or even on the beach. Who wouldn’t love to work here?

professional reiki massage

Non-professional Reiki Sessions

If you are not doing reiki as a business, you are less limited by legalities, or the expectations of paying clients. This means that your reiki sessions can be more loosely structured and purely intuitive if you like.

You can use reiki to enhance the life force energy of just about anything. It might even get your flat car battery to start, or warm up a cooling cup of tea…it works for some! You can definitely use it on yourself, your family, your friends, your pets and plants, your possessions, and even your food.

3. Who Or What Is Receiving Reiki From You

The Beneficiary

Obviously, there will be different limitations for giving reiki to your indoor plants, than there are for giving reiki to a person you’ve only just met. Who, or what are you placing your hands on? Are you giving healing energy to an animal, to yourself, or to another person? Are you using reiki to do a house blessing? Are you improving the quality of your food or energising your pot plants?

Reiki isn’t just about healing

Its energy can also be used to:-

  • Protect people, pets, places and possessions

  • Positively influence a situation

  • Clear negative energy

  • Create abundance

  • Give love

  • And probably for any other positive intention that you can dream up

4. Whether Distance Healing Is Required Or Not

You will need to have completed levels 1 and 2 in order to send reiki over a distance. Distance healing is required if you want to give reiki to:

  • Someone or something that is not in your physical presence. For example, they might be in another room, state, or country

  • Someone or something in the same room where physical contact is not possible or is prohibited

  • Someone who refuses your heart-felt offer of  help. You can send them reiki, for their highest good, as long as you let go of the need to control the outcome

5. Your Subconscious Beliefs And Limitations

Your beliefs have an enormous impact on your personal reality or how you experience the world.

For example:

What you believe about the foods you eat, influences the way they affect your body. What you believe about people, influences the way you interact with them. What you believe about the world around you, influences what you experience in your life. The result is what you call the truth, or “reality”.


What you believe about the nature of reiki, and how it should or shouldn’t be used, affects your perception and experience of reiki, even though your beliefs do NOT change the energy itself.

6. What Your Reiki Master Teaches You

Your teacher will give you specific guidelines for how to use reiki; these will probably be the same ones taught to them by their reiki master. Not all masters pass on the same information; nor do they teach in the same manner. They are individuals with their own life experiences, and their own philosophies. Many reiki masters have knowledge of other healing modalities, which they may include in their reiki course as a bonus.


The essence of reiki does not change with different use but your EXPERIENCE of reiki DOES change. As you now know, there are 6 factors that influence how to use reiki.

  • The level of reiki training that you’ve completed (Reiki 1,2 or 3)

  • The nature of the treatment – whether it’s professional or casual

  • The nature of the being receiving your gift of reiki – person, animal, plant or other

  • The proximity of this being – for hands-on or distant healing

  • Your subconscious beliefs

  • Guidelines from your reiki master

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