How To Learn Reiki Healing

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Learn Reiki Online Now that you know what reiki is and who re-discovered it, you may want to know how to learn reiki. Happily, you have a choice in the way that you do this.

Did you know, for example, that you can study reiki online?

Are you interested in saving lots of money on your training fees?

Is it your goal to just heal yourself, or do you want a new source of income, helping others heal?

Have you dreamed of being a reiki master and teaching others, but money and time issues have got in the way?

Not everyone uses reiki for the same reason, so the answers you give to these questions, will help determine the best way for you to learn reiki. Would you like to know what your options are; and what the process involves; the cost of the training; and how long it takes to learn?

Then, read on, to find out.

Reiki Courses In General

The Minimum Level

If you want to give yourself or someone else the benefit of reiki healing, then there’s no way round it, you have to do the reiki level 1 course, as a minimum. This is because very few adult people are naturally fully attuned to this energy.

But don’t worry, there are no exams to pass, and no-one fails.

About Your Reiki Master or Teacher

Your training should be led by a qualified Reiki Master, who will, through the attunement process, re-awaken your connection to this healing energy. I say RE-awaken, because this is a natural state that you, (like most people over the age of five) have forgotten how to access.

It used to be said that your teacher gave you reiki, but this is not true. They  cannot give you what you already have, for this energy is a part of who you really are.

What they DO give you, in addition to the attunements is: valuable information and insights; their experience with reiki healing; an opportunity to practice giving reiki under supervision  and, of course, your graduation certificates. Some teachers also provide a follow-up class or other form of support.

The ability to channel reiki is not taught in the traditional sense of the word; it is more like putting the plug in the socket and turning the power back on. That’s not to say that it can’t be a very spiritual experience.

Can You Have Too Much Reiki Energy?

One of the comforting things about reiki is that it can do no harm. You cannot channel (bring in) more energy than you are ready for. Your opening to receive reiki is self-regulated. You can’t overdo it, or burn a fuse, so to speak.

In traditional face-to-face classes, the awakening process is done in stages, supposedly to avoid an overwhelming shift in your body’s energy field, but it is perfectly safe to be attuned to all levels at once.

This self-regulation may be one reason why responses to the training are variable. People are starting at different points energetically, so some feel the energy flow more than others. Over time, as your body’s energy channels clear, the flow of reiki strengthens and becomes easier to detect.

Reiki Course Format

Reiki courses in western countries, (like Australia, where I did my training), used to be only available as a live class, and they were taught by a small group of reiki masters. This meant that the course options were very limited, with factors like timing and location.

Congratulations Reiki Master These days, there are a lot more reiki teachers, so there’s more likely to be one in your area, with a class time that suits you.


There are some very good reiki classes online that give you the option to study when and where you like, and they will cost you a great deal less than the face-to-face training.

If learning reiki this way is a new idea for you, then you might like to get some idea of how it stacks up against the traditional class, by checking out this reiki training comparison.

Choosing Your Reiki Training

Which Master-Teacher Is Best?

Whether you decide to go with live classes or learning online, choose your reiki master carefully. Not all of them will have your best interests at heart.

Obviously factors such as: class location, availability, timing, content and cost; plus the teacher’s reputation, will all have an impact on your choice, but also try and follow your heart in this.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with just one teacher, although most reiki masters would probably prefer that you do. You can train with several different people, if you feel that this will serve you best. Course levels can be repeated without any harm, and they can provide extra experience and insight, because every reiki master adds their own personal knowledge to the training.

Which Style Of Reiki Is Best?

There are lots of different varieties of reiki available now. I imagine they’re all based on Dr. Usui’s teachings, with added components from other fields of healing. They are too numerous to mention here, so if you come across one that interests you, do your research first.

Make sure you are clear in your own head about what you want from the training, because your  beliefs and intentions, whether you are consciously aware of them or not, will greatly influence the outcome.

As I said before, pay attention to how you feel, and use your “gut instinct”, or a heart choice. You may be drawn to a particular teacher. Or you may keep getting hints from the Universe that direct you to where you need to go….  Continued on page 2

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