How To Do Reiki Healing Sessions

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reiki hands-on healing Would you like to know how to do reiki healing? It’s quite simple, as you’ll see in the following guidelines.

After your reiki training, healing sessions can be done, as hands-on healing (level 1), or distant healing (level 2). It can be professional or non-professional; it can be for yourself, or for another.

You can do a full structured session or give a spontaneous gift of healing energy. It can be done at any time of the day or night.

All that reiki requires, is a qualified sender and a willing receiver!

Hands-On Healing

Professional Reiki Session

  • Length of Treatment – a professional reiki healing usually lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, and follows a set routine of where you place your hands on your client.

  • Position – treatment can be given with your client sitting or lying. Most western reiki masters will suggest that you provide a massage table for your clients to lie down. There’s no massage involved; it’s just that the padded table promotes relaxation, and it’s a good height for you to work at. Lying down is also the most comfortable position for the average person, provided that they’re well supported with pillows and are warm enough. The more at ease your client is, (even if that client is YOU), the less resistance there is to the flow of healing energy from your palms.

Non-professional Reiki Session

  • Length of Treatment can vary greatly. For example, it might only take 30 seconds to ease a sudden pain; or to enliven your food; or to give an upset friend a calming hug. You might also choose to keep going for several hours, although in my experience, it starts to get a bit tedious after an hour and a half.

  • Position – any option that’s comfortable for both parties. You might stand behind a seated friend or relative, to reiki their shoulders. Your pet cat or dog might rest on your lap, or next to you on the chair. You may be lying down next to your partner or child. It’s obviously more casual with people you are close to. For a full reiki session, a massage table or dining table (with padding) is still the most comfortable for both (human) parties.

Other Guidelines

  • Treatments are usually given over clothing. Reiki will pass through ANYTHING! So your client could be wearing winter woollies or be dressed up like a medieval knight and they would still receive the healing energy.

reiki goes through anything, even armour Now there’s a thought…

Imagine being at Camelot, giving reiki to Sir Lancelot or King Arthur, after a bruising jousting match. They wouldn’t even have to remove their armour.

Of course, you might be mistaken for a witch or a warlock, which could result in a painful and fiery death, so maybe it’s better to stick to current times, where “magic” isn’t outlawed!

Okay, so being serious again…

  • Does the practitioner have to stand up for the whole session? Not at all! It’s a personal choice. You can either sit or stand to give a professional reiki healing. For some hand positions, sitting down will be easier on your wrists and arms, allowing you to rest your hands lightly rather than ‘dragging’ on your client’s body. This is particularly important when your hands are on someone’s face. At other times it might feel easier to stand.

  • To touch or not to touch. There are some situations (like severe burns, for example), and some parts of the body,  where it’s best to have your hands near, but not touching your client. This would be anywhere they’re not comfortable being touched, for whatever reason.

Distance Healing

Sending reiki over distance and time
Reiki distance healing (also called absent healing or distant healing) is a session of reiki, that relies on the use of the sacred reiki symbols, and a proxy (often a pillow or a teddy bear) to send energy over distance and time.

As the name suggests, with absent healing, your client is not there with you, so there’s no physical contact. You probably can’t even see them. They might be in another room, another state, or another country!

You can even send the energy forwards and back in time. Sounds bizarre, I know, but it works!

It takes a small leap of faith to start with, because it’s not an easy thing to prove scientifically, and of course, there are always people who like to scoff at anything that science doesn’t endorse.

For more detail go to Reiki Distance Healing – Expand Your Reach.

Giving Your Client Proof Of Efficacy

This shouldn’t be the main goal of your distance healing session. The need to prove that it works can block your ability to channel energy. But, it supports the truth of the process, if you can pick up things about them that you would otherwise have no way of knowing. This is because the recipient usually can’t feel the energy flowing to them.

This is more of an issue if they are paying for the session. Friends are less likely to require proof.

If you are clairaudient or clairvoyant, then during the absent healing you could ask your client to tell you something that only they know, so that when you feed this information back to them in person with your report of the session, they will have more reason to believe that it worked!

Distance Healing Is Great For Helping Anyone That You Can’t Touch

Imagine for a moment that someone you care for is having an operation. There are always risks associated with surgery, and there is usually some post-operative pain and suffering. You can help reduce the risk and the after-effects by doing an absent healing session for them.

Reiki during surgery will reduce blood loss; speed up wound healing, and reduce post-operative pain. It can also reduce after effects of anaesthesia, like vomiting and disorientation. The energy can be sent ahead of time, during or after the surgery, to coincide with the time when it is most needed

These are some other examples of when distance healing might be useful.

  • To treat yourself Maybe you want to connect with your non-physical self or your subconscious mind. Or you need to treat a part of your body that you can’t comfortably reach, like your back.

  • Location problems Your client lives too far away from you to make a hands-on session possible; or maybe, they are bed ridden, and you don’t want to do a home visit.

  • Touch is prohibited Maybe the recipient is hypersensitive or in too much pain to tolerate touch; or there’s a risk of transferring infection if you touch the area needing treatment

  • Access Issues Your client is in intensive care and you’re not allowed to visit them; or the one you want to send energy to, is in surgery.

  • You want the session to be ‘secret’, so you can send healing, forgiveness or loving energy to someone without them knowing

  • You need to give reiki while you’re away on holiday. Maybe you receive a message that your pet dog, cat, bird, fish or stick insect even, is sick. Instead of cutting your holiday short, or fretting for the remainder of the time, you could send them reiki

  • You want to reduce separation anxiety for you and your loved ones, when either you, or they, are away from home. Distant healing will create a psychic connection with them (that’s usually subconscious)  as well as giving them calming energy…  continued on page 2.

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