Dr Mikao Usui’s Blessing

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Dr Mikao Usui
This is a channelled message from Dr Mikao Usui, exactly as  I received it, during a reiki 2, distant healing session, on the 23rd of July, 2012.

Since the reiki masters that are physically present on Earth seem to disagree about whether the symbols should be kept secret or not, I decided to go straight to the source for an answer to my question.

The reply began in Japanese, but Dr Usui quickly switched to English at my request. This is easy for an infinite being to do!


Remember, this is channelled by a human with an ego and beliefs of her own! Decide for yourself how much of this, if any, is true FOR YOU. If it feels light, then it’s true. If it feels heavy or compressed, then it’s not true for you.

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The Message

The Question From Jenny:

After the usual politeness and greetings, I asked Dr Usui, “Is it okay to publicly reveal the reiki symbols and information about them?”  And this is his response.

Dr. Mikao Usui:

“Today, the symbols are freely available to anyone with a computer. This is a good thing because there should not ever be a fearful element attached to reiki. All that will do is to close down the Universal Life Force.

Respect…. yes, that is a good thing. Treat the symbols with respect. Understand that they are gateways to vibrations that match your intent.

Do not worry about disclosing the information that your master may have said should be kept secret. Reiki is not about secrets. It is not about inner circles or secret societies. It is not about power of one individual over another.

It is about ALL people everywhere having the opportunity to link to the substantial energy that is already at flow within them.

It is about free transmission and sharing. The only reason there needs to be any price attached to the knowledge of reiki is because people have a right to make a living, and others value more, that which they buy.

You have my blessings in revealing the nature of the symbols of reiki. There is no harm in doing so. Only good.

They are switches – like going to your electronics store and buying light switches. You can turn them on and off in the store and nothing will happen. You can even put them in your wall, and unless they are connected to the electricity, nothing will happen. You can even have them wired in but if there is not a connection to the outpouring of power – be that light, or heat, or music, or your television, for example – nothing will happen.

The symbols are like this. They are just switches for your mind to link to different aspects of the healing power of reiki.

You would not fear a painting of a tiger. The power of the tiger lies with the animal (the vibration) itself.

So, do not fear the symbols or concern yourself about revealing them.

If it matters – and it should not, in truth, make any difference to you…..you have my blessing in this.

The more people that find out about, and attune themselves to reiki, the better it is for humanity and for Earth.


old reiki kanji

So…. What do you think?

I have shared this with you, because I wanted you to know that I respect my teachers and the reiki tradition, and had some concerns over sharing the nature of the symbols so freely. Using reiki distance healing to connect to Dr Usui seemed like the best solution to me.

If anyone has a right to say how things should be done, with regards to the reiki symbols, it is the founder, Dr Mikao Usui.

Thanks for joining me today.

P.S. If you’re new to reiki, start here with What Is Reiki And Is It Worth Learning?

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3 Responses to “Dr Mikao Usui’s Blessing”

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  1. Antoinette says:

    I love this, and I’m sure it was an amazing experience. I have no problem sharing the symbols images. it is the intention behind then that holds the power. Love and Light to you xxx Antoinete

    • Hi Antoinette, Thank you, and yes it was an amazing experience. I agree that it’s our intentions that hold all the power. I notice that you are on Facebook, so feel free to join my FB reiki group-distant healing, if you’d like to receive a reiki energy boost every Monday. See my page for details. In Joy and Synergy Jenny

  2. Roy says:

    Hi, Jenny:

    Well said. Knowledge hoarded is useless.

    Regardless of your source, truth always speaks plainly and clear.