Does Reiki Work Or Is It Just A Stage Production?

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Having read all of my reiki articles and reviews, you must be an expert on reiki by now, so, if a friend asked you, "does reiki work", what would you say?  Indeed, what could you say, unless you've experienced reiki for yourself.

Does reiki work magic?No matter how much information you have, it cannot give you a sensible answer to this question, because the answer is always personal.

The idea that reiki works or doesn't work is just a belief. It comes from your interaction with reiki; with sceptics; or with reiki channels. So if you've had 'bad' experiences, or none at all, you would be forgiven for having doubts.

Reiki is unseen energy, so science cannot come to your rescue. You will need to live your own reiki story; to act out your own play, so you can see for yourself; and feel for yourself.

There's no doubt that reiki can seem strange and magical, and even weird (though in a good way).

And it gets weirder…

Who would have thought that healing energy could be accessed online, or sent across time and space, or that it could be used in such amazing ways.

I expect it would please you to know that reiki is eager to be one of your self healing tools. It wants to be in your life. It's happy to boost your income; and to offer a helping hand to YOU and to those you love.

But… "here's the rub", (as Shakespeare's Hamlet would say).

If you have no faith in its ability to heal; if you don't think that it will work for you, then you'll never take the necessary steps to learn how to channel reiki.

And then you would miss out!  Because reiki really does work.

How Can I Say That?

Well, it's not that there have been any miracles, unless you count an asphyxiated baby in intensive care, coming off the ventilator the day after I reikied it. That poor child shook and shook as the universal life force flowed through it's tiny body, but it could breathe for itself a day later, much to the surprise of the medical staff.

No miracles, unless you count the elderly gentleman who opened his heart to love in a way that he had never felt before, and saw his own magnificence for the first time. There was such light in his tear-filled eyes, after the session. Was it self respect? Was it hope? Was it joy?

No miracle, but the gift of forgiveness for a lady who had been treated badly by her friends, and wondered how she would ever get the proverbial knife out of her back, and let go of her resentment and sorrow.

No miracles indeed…

Except for a thousand gentle smiles, shining from eyes that, moments before, had been tight with anger, or fear, or worry, or pain.

And that has to be enough!

I Wish I Could Prove That Reiki Works

But even science can't see the invisible.

Reiki doesn't march to our drum. It dances to a much higher rhythm.

We don't get to choose where the energy goes; it cannot be targeted to a specific organ or ailment. Where it ends up (body, mind or spirit) is dictated by the specific needs of each person, so this makes it hard to test and study.

It's easy though…isn't it…to be sceptical about reiki; it's EASY to scoff! And you know, that's okay. This healing energy doesn't mind if you believe in it or not.

People are programmed to criticise and judge everything in their lives and so, they ignore the subtle improvements that come with reiki…

the warmer than usual hands; the feeling of relief; the weight that lifts from their chest with each deeper breath; the gradual lessening of pain and the increase in movement; the tingling energy, and the comforting embrace of restfulness.

It wouldn't surprise you then, to hear that healing with reiki is not always obvious, and that it often takes place "behind the scenes".

Imagine This, If You Will

You're sitting in a theatre waiting to see a play. The heavy royal-blue curtain is drawn. You impatiently tap your fingers on your knees as you wait for something to happen.

Does reiki work magic?

Suddenly a thin stream of light shows through a gap in the centre of the curtain and an unimposing fellow steps out, holding a microphone. He delivers a short introductory speech that seems very ho-hum to you and you tap your fingers harder, and wish they would just get on with it.

And, behind the curtain, they HAVE got on with it! Lights have been tilted to just the right degree. Sets have been put in place and the perfect group of actors, all exquisitely made-up and costumed, have gathered in the best positions for them to perform their job.

They are already working and yet you have no evidence of any work being done at all. If you left the theatre at that stage, you would think that nothing had happened.

So it is with reiki. And sometimes the curtain never opens wide enough to reveal all of the work that has gone on. Some things, the human eye can't see, and the human ear can't hear, but they are present none the less.


If you want to know whether reiki works or not, and more importantly, whether it works for you, then you'll have to give it a go, and decide for yourself.

And if you're used to making judgements with your intellect, then you'll need to quiet the mental chatter for a while. There is no greater truth than that provided by your own heart. Listen to what it tells you.

Reiki does work… MAGIC!

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