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A brief outline of WHAT reiki will do for you.

Reiki is a simple-to-learn, energy healing method that, once you’ve been attuned to it, will NEVER leave you. It is a friend for life… a very valuable friend.

Reiki is the ancient art of healing with the hands that was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. It is one of the best self-healing tools available, but it doesn’t stop at YOU. With a simple touch of your hand(s), this healing skill can be easily shared with those you care about. Reiki could even build you a new career, if you wish.

This energy healing method can be used for balancing energy fields: in your body; in your relationships, and in your life generally. It is more than a healing tool for your physical being.

CHECK OUT my articles and reviews below for more interesting details about reiki, and how you can easily acquire this valuable skill, in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki Reviews

Chikara Reiki Courses Online | Ultimate Reiki PackageReiki Courses Online –  Chikara-Reiki-Do Review
There are several online reiki courses available, but only two of them fit my awesome criteria.The Ultimate Reiki Package from Chikara Reiki Do, is one of them. It will take your healing energy all the way to fully qualified reiki master level…   Show me more
Essence of Reiki  | Reiki Store | Reiki Master CourseReiki Training Online – Reiki Store Review
Garry and Adele Malone’s, Essence Of Reiki Course is a traditional Usui reiki training, delivered in a non-traditional manner. Their reiki master course offers a variety of learning options, with the choice of using reading material, audios and videos… Show me more
Whivh course is best for me?Reiki Master Training –Top Two Online Courses Compared
This article provides a detailed comparison of the two top courses. Both of these reiki master courses are excellent, so it pretty much comes down to personal choice. Find out the reasons why one might suit you better than the other…   Show me more

Reiki Articles

what is reiki?What Is Reiki And Is It Worth Learning?
What’s a ray key, or what is reiki? You might ask either of these questions the first time you come across this unusual word, depending on whether you hear it, or see it first. The short answer, is that Reiki is one of the best healing tools available, whether you’re looking to heal yourself or others…
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Learn Reiki OnlineHow To Learn Reiki Healing
Now that you know what reiki is and who re-discovered it, you may want to know how to learn reiki, or how to do it. Happily, you have a choice in the way that you do this Did you know, for example, that you can study reiki online? Are you interested in saving lots of money on your training fees? …  Show me more
how to use reiki | gift of loving energyHow To Use Reiki – 6 Key Factors That Define Your Reiki Experience
Reiki has a wide number of uses, some of which are quite surprising. It’s a bit like opening a gift box full of joyful possibilities. So it’s of great benefit to be clear about how to use reiki. The way in which you use reiki will be determined by the following six factors…
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reiki massageHow To Do Reiki Healing Sessions
Would you like to know how to do reiki healing? It’s quite simple, as you’ll see in the following guidelines. After your reiki training, healing sessions can be done, as hands-on healing (level 1), or distant healing (level 2). It can be professional or non-professional… Show me more
reiki benefitsTrue Reiki Benefits And Downside
Reiki benefits everyone, whether they believe in it or not. Even if those benefits aren’t obvious, you can be sure that it is doing you good on some level of your being. As you already know by now, Reiki is Universal life force, and to some it is the healing energy of the Divine…   Show me more
Learn Reiki Online | great ideaLearn Reiki Online – What A Great Idea
What’s the best way for YOU to learn reiki? Are online classes going to give you the results you’re looking for. Well, only YOU can decide  that for yourself. But maybe, I can help you make your decision by letting you in on the secrets of …  Show me more
reiki history | reiki kanjiReiki History – Does It Matter?
“WHAT?”, you ask incredulously. “How could the history of reiki NOT matter?” And privately you think I must have  a screw or two loose to even suggest it. But look a bit closer…  Show me more
Are reiki symbols dangerous?Reiki Symbols And Meanings Honourably Revealed
If you’re new to reiki then you’ll have no idea of the quandary I was in about writing this article. Should I reveal what I know about the reiki symbols and their meanings?  Is it dangerous… Show me more
Dr Mikao UsuiDr. Mikao Usui’s Blessing
This is a channelled message from Dr Mikao Usui, exactly as  I received it, during a reiki 2 session, on the 23rd of July, 2012.  Since the reiki masters that are physically present on Earth seem to disagree about whether the symbols should be kept secret or not, I decided to go straight to the source…  Show me more
reiki distance healingReiki Distance Healing – Expand Your Reach
Distance healing (also called absent healing or distant healing) is the ability to send energy – in this case reiki – to someone or something, regardless of time and distance. So, where, when, and who can you send reiki to? …
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reiki energy handsWhich Reiki Hand Positions Are Best?
There’s been a lot of fuss made about the reiki hand positions, which is pretty weird since Dr Usui’s reiki treatments were more based on intuition than a rigid set of hand positions. He only had five that he used routinely, on the head and neck regions…  Show me more
reiki principles | zen state of mindTweaking The Reiki Principles
Dr. Mikao Usui was a very learned man and he understood that healing involves more than just physical changes. When he taught his natural healing method to others, he also passed on his five reiki principles of good living that were based on concepts promoted by the Meiji Emperor…  Show me more
Which way serves you best?Reiki Classes Online Versus Live Lessons
Here is a quick comparison chart showing 12 important aspects of reiki training and what you can expect from both live and online reiki training. The two ways of learning this energy healing method are not mutually exclusive. You can gain great benefit from doing them both…  Show me more
reiki magical stageDoes Reiki Work Or Is It Just A Stage Production?
If a friend asked you, does reiki work, what would you say? No doubt you’re an expert on reiki, having read all of my articles on the subject, but do you still wonder whether it really works? … Show me more
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