Reiki, Archangel Metatron And Your True Essence

Archangel Metatron is one of the five mentors for the Awesome Self Healing reiki group. Metatron is always present for the reiki distance healing sessions. Sometimes, like today, this powerful archangel has a message for us. The main focus of his message was about bringing in your true essence.

Reiki Report For November 17th 2014

This reiki distance healing continued the theme from last week about feeling your own power to BE all that you are. The healing energy was focussed on self-empowerment; trusting yourself and your choices; believing in your inner wisdom; knowing you can do whatever it is that is important to you; feeling your inner strength; and stopping the self-doubt. You are already “good enough”, despite what your inner critic and others tell you.

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron’s Message

We know you feel weak and small, some of you. We know you doubt your true nature, and believe it to be only a story that people tell you to make you feel better.

We know who you are – each of you. We see your light. We feel your power. We see the futures in front of you. We know where you’re headed, and it is bright and beautiful.

This game you play on Earth is not the full measure of who you are.

You can invite in more of your True Essence each day. If you wish to feel empowered and more in charge of your life then all you have to do is sit (stand or lie) quietly for a few moments and invite in more of your Essence.

Anything that is not in harmony with this heightened energy will gradually fall away from your life and your awareness.

We know that in the midst of pain and doubt, confusion and sorrow, you feel disconnected from your power.

We understand how isolated and different [from other people] some of you feel; how cut off and alienated you feel.

Sweet friends, this is an illusion!

You are fragments of THE ONE, forever joined by invisible strands of light that echo through your DNA. You are never forgotten. You cannot truly ‘fall between the cracks’ and be overlooked.

Each one of you is as precious as the diamond you all [humans] value so much.

The reiki energy was flowing very strongly today for all of you. My hands were hot, so none of you were resisting the flow. You were all quite happy bringing in more of your True Essence to become more empowered individuals, and also more unified as one, due to your heightened vibration.

What Happens Now?

You may find that elements of your life which do not match your new vibration start to fade away. They will become less important to you. This could be health problems, possessions, jobs, friends or anything that is not a match for your True Essence.

If this brings up fear of loss, ask yourself some simple questions like these…

“COULD YOU let go of the pain and struggle?”
“Could you let go of illness and limitation?”
“Could you let go of people, animals, places and possessions that no longer resonate with you?”
“Could you let go of the fear?”

And if you could, “WOULD YOU let them go.”
And if you would, “WHEN would you do so?”

Repeat as much as necessary!

There are no right or wrong answers here. Even if you answer ‘NO’, and ‘never’, just asking yourself these three questions of, could you, would you, and when, from The Sedona Method, will help you let go of any emotion or feeling that is no longer useful to you.

The reiki distance healing lasted for a bit over an hour, but there was much less talking than usual, and not much to record. So it’s short and sweet today.

Thank you as always to our mentor-healers, and thank you for being part of this healing today. Please share this post with your friends.

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