Spring Forest Qigong Program Review

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Spring Forest Qigong Review

Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) is a home-study course in medical qigong, created by the renowned, Master Chunyi Lin. This qigong dvd and cd program  teaches the best techniques for health and healing, distilled from thousands of years of ancient energy practices in China.

Chunyi Lin is one of the highest qualified Qigong Masters in America, and has done many years of intense training, in his native China, with several highly respected teachers.

He is a gentle and compassionate man with a longterm goal of having “a healer in every family and a world without pain.”

Spring Forest Qigong Comes In Two Levels

  • LEVEL 1  is about using your qi (chi) for self-healing and personal health.

    Spring Forest Qigong Program

  • LEVEL 2  is about healing others, which isn’t really the focus of this website. However, I’ve included information about it, in case you feel so good after doing the first stage, that you want to share your abundant energy with family and friends.

Learning qigong with SFQ requires focus and practice but it’s not difficult, and the course material is well laid out. The qigong exercises  for both levels are slow and easy to do, and the instructions are clear.

Quick Review of Spring Forest Qigong Programs

Qigong Master Chunyi LinMaster Chunyi LinSpring Forest Qigong For Health (Level 1)
and For Healing (Level 2)Created by Master Chunyi Lin

Overall Rating   4 Star Rating
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Value For Money5 star rating
It Does What It Says It Does5 Star Rating
Ease Of Use For Self Healing4 Star rating
Ease Of Use To Help Others4 Star rating(for Level 2)
Suitable For People18 years or older. All levels of fitness. New to qigong, or experienced.
Special RequirementsSFQ 1 must be completed before doing SFQ 2.
Product Type – DigitalLevels 1 and 2 are both available in mp3 format
Ease Of DownloadUntested, since I bought the physical product, but Learning Strategies Corporation was founded in 1981, so I’m sure they know what they’re doing by now!
Product Type – PhysicalLevel 1 includes an A4 Binder (folder); 6 CDs; a 42-page manual; a DVD demonstrating the qigong exercises, and the bonus “Inner Beauty” music CD.
Level 2  includes a 40-page Manual and 4 CDs (ready to go into the level 1 folder); a DVD showing additional exercises and healing techniques; a music CD “Back Into The Universe”, and a bonus “Small Universe” meditation CD
Money Back Guarantee5 Star Rating(6 months!)
Encrypted Safe Purchase 5 Star Rating
Purchase OptionsCredit cards
Receipt Emailed To YouYes
Personally Tested By JennyYes
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