Simon Blow Qigong DVD – Absorbing The Essence Review

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Simon Blow | Absorbing the Essence DVD

Australian Qigong Master, Simon Blow, has created a masterful qigong dvd for increasing longevity. Based on secret teaching from the famous Mt Wudang region, Absorbing the Essence guides you through a fun warm up; a routine of longevity exercises; and an active meditation. Despite the fact that this qigong dvd is rated at an intermediate level, it was  enjoyable and relatively easy for me to do as a virtual novice. Maybe this is due to Simon Blow’s excellent teaching.

The movements are flowing and rhythmical. Some of the exercises are quite straightforward but others will require a little practice to get them right.

Introducing Simon Blow

Simon Blow Qigong DVD | Absorbing The Essence

Master Blow became interested in tai chi and qigong, following a nearly fatal car accident at the age of 19. These ancient Chinese energy practices, combined with other elements of self-healing, totally turned his life around. Without them, Simon would most likely be in constant pain; walking only with the aid of a stick, and living off a disability pension.

He is a great example of what it is possible to achieve with the right healing tools, lots of practice, and the right mind set. Simon is an inspiration to all of us. At the time of writing this review he is working full time, teaching others how to best use their Life Force energy.

Due to popular demand, his Absorbing The Essence DVD now comes with the added bonus of an information book, which I haven’t seen, since I purchased this product many years ago.

Quick Review of Simon Blow’s Absorbing The Essence DVD

Australian Qigong Master Simon BlowSimon BlowABSORBING THE ESSENCE – BOOK/DVD

Created by Australian Qigong Master, Simon Blow

Overall Rating   4.5 star rating
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Value For Money5 Star Rating
It Does What It Says It Does5 Star Rating
Ease Of Use For Self Healing4.5 star rating
Ease Of Use To Help OthersNot applicable to this dvd
Suitable For People15 years or older. Intermediate level qigong or keen beginner
Special RequirementsSome prior experience with qigong would make this easier
Product Type – DigitalNot available
Ease Of DownloadNot applicable
Product Type – PhysicalDVD and book package
Money Back Guarantee4.5 star rating
Encrypted Safe Purchase5 star rating    100% secure payment processing
Purchase OptionsPayPal and credit cards. You will need to set up a free account for any purchase from Simon Blow’s website.
Receipt Emailed To YouI assume so. Pay with PayPal for full security.
Personally Tested By JennyYes
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