Qigong Exercises DVD Comparison

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Qigong DVD Course Comparison
Choosing The Right Qigong Training

People have different personalities, time schedules, and preferences, and so not everyone will want the same style of qigong exercises.

Check out the criteria below to find out which qigong dvd course will give you the experience that you’re looking for. (It might be more than one of them) Please note, The Flow Form has not been added to this selection yet. I am waiting to finish the major update on my website look and feel. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can read the Flow Form Review here.





Qigong Master Simon BlowAbsorbing The Essence QigongQigong Master Chunyi LinSpring Forest Qigong For HealthTristan Truscott and Peter RagnarGood Morning Good Evening Qigong

Still Not Sure Which Qigong Exercise Program Is Best For You?

Check Out The Tips Below 

Course created by ExpertsQigong Master
Simon Blow
Qigong Master
Chunyi Lin
Sensei Tristan Truscott & Sensei Peter Ragnar
Level Of Training Suitable For
Beginnerpossibly ✔ ✔
Intermediate ✔  ✔ ✔
Experienced ✔  ✔ ✔
Style Of Training
Traditional Only
 ✔ ✔ x
Traditional and Modern Combined
 x x ✔
Some Tai Chi Like Exercises
 ✔ ✔  ✔
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Absorbing The
Essence Review >>
Spring Forest
Qigong Review >>
GMGE Qigong
Review >>
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Simon Blow Qigong Website>> Learning Strategies Website>> Filled With Chi
Includes Positive Affirmationsxx ✔
Includes EFT – Meridian Tapping
xx ✔
Includes DVD Demo Of Qigong Exercises
 ✔ ✔ ✔
Has Follow-Along Sessions On Video xx ✔
Includes Audio Of Exercise Routine x ✔  ✔
Includes Qigong Energy Blueprint  xx  ✔
Length Of Routine30-60 mins30-60 minsam 10-15 mins
pm 10-15 mins
Can Be Adapted For Sitting Position  
(in part)
 ✔   ✔
Includes Healing Of Other People x ✔  x
Style Of Music
Oriental ✔
 ✔   ✔
Native American xx  ✔
Calming, Relaxing ✔
 ✔    ✔ 
Other Details
Physical Package
1 DVD + Book1 DVD + 6 CDs + Manual + bonus CD 7 DVDs + 2 CDs
Choice Of Physical Or Digital Productx  
(one or the other)

(can have both)  
Bonusesx  ✔
Pricing AUD $25
Physical only
USD $145
Physical OR Digital
USD $397 $197 Special Price
Physical plus Digital
USD $297 $147 Special Deal
Digital only – lifetime online access
Money Back Guarantee ✔ 
(6 months)
(30 days)
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Essence Review >>
Spring Forest
Qigong Review >>
GMGE Qigong
Review >>
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Tips For Choosing Your Qigong DVD Program

This is personal!

Regardless of what other’s say about any of these qigong exercise programs – including me – YOU need to decide what’s best for YOU. I hope the following guidelines give you a clearer idea of what that is.

Good Morning Good Evening Qigong, Will Suit You Best If…

Good Morning Good Evening Qigong DVD Training

  • You prefer a modern, western approach to learning qigong

  • You like the idea of starting your day filled with energy and ending your work-day with a simple routine to de-stress

  • 10 minute sessions of qigong exercises suit your time schedule better than longer ones

  • Separate, qigong DVD lessons for learning the exercises (private lesson), and for doing the routines (follow-along) sounds like a good idea to you

  • You like having the choice of a 15 minute or a ten minute routine on dvd

  • You can see the benefit of having a blueprint (or recipe) provided, for your qigong practice, so you always know what to do and why you’re doing it

  • You learn exercises better if you can see them from different angles and perfomed by more than one person

  • You’re open to including a few other powerful healing elements in your qigong exercises, like EFT (meridian tapping) and positive intentions

  • The security of having lifetime access to your digital copy of the program is reassuring

  • You want to take your lessons with you, on your mobile device or computer

  • You would like to do your qigong exercises outside with an audio lesson to guide you

  • You have a hard time sticking to exercise routines – this one makes it easy!

  • You need to sit down for the exercises

  • You liked what you saw on the Good Morning Good Evening Qigong review page

  • You feel drawn to learn qigong with Tristan Truscott and Peter Ragnar

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Absorbing The Essence Will Suit You Best If…..

Simon Blow Qigong DVD | Absorbing The Essence

  • You enjoy slow, free-flowing movements

  • You want to experience traditional qigong taught by a western Qigong Master

  • You are willing to spend at least half an hour  a day doing the qigong exercises

  • You are an adventurous beginner, intermediate qigong level or higher

  • You like having a qigong DVD with three exercise routines to choose from, one of which is an active meditation in sitting

  • You are able to do exercises in standing

  • The low cost appeals because you’re not sure if qigong is for you or not

  • Your goal is greater vitality and longevity

  • You like what you saw in the dvd excerpt, on the Absorbing The Essence review page

  • You feel drawn to learn qigong with Master Simon Blow

Go Here To Buy Absorbing The Essence Qigong DVD >>

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Spring Forest Qigong For Health Will Suit You Best If…

Spring Forest Qigong Level 1

  • You like the traditional approach better

  • You want to study qigong with a master-teacher who was born in China

  • You believe that a longer routine would be better for you

  • Doing your qigong exercises all in the one session appeals to you

  • You respond well to specific exercise guidelines or rules

  • You enjoy listening to educational CDs

  • You prefer to stick to one healing approach at a time

  • You are happy to do the exercises slowly

  • You want a qigong course that includes a meditation

  • You would like to do your qigong outside with an audio lesson to guide you

  • You’re interested in learning how to use qigong to heal others

  • You want a qigong DVD program that you can adapt for sitting down

  • You liked what you saw in the videos on the Spring Forest Qigong review page

  • You feel drawn to learn qigong with Master Chunyi Lin

Go Here To Buy Spring Forest Qigong For Health (also called level 1)

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Thanks for visiting! I hope this answers your questions and helps you choose which of the qigong dvd courses is right for you.

Go to my qigong directory for more information on qigong exercises.

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