Good Morning Good Evening Qigong DVD Review

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Full Review:

This includes details on the five most important qualifying criteria from the table on page 1, plus my personal evaluation.

1. Value For Money  5 Star Rating

Learning qigong with Sensei Peter Ragnar and Sensei Tristan Truscott is such an enjoyable experience that it makes you want to keep going with the lessons. These two work well together. It’s obvious that they’re good mates (friends).

The Physical Product

GMGE Qigong dvd trainingIt’s all good! The 9 disc, (7 dvd and 2 cd), course comes neatly packaged in a compact, sturdy case that doesn’t take up too much storage space.

The videos are of excellent quality. The course content is interesting, useful and well-presented.

The background music is a tranquil mix of Oriental, and Native American melodies that is particularly soothing and uplifting. More importantly, it doesn’t interfere with the lessons.

You now have a choice as to whether you order the physical dvd package or not. Everything is accessible as a digital product, online, if you wish to save some money.

The Digital Product

A download link is sent to your email address immediately after your purchase, so there is NO waiting. When this product first came out it was mainly a physical dvd set, but now the digital component has been expanded.

GMGE Qigong - digital productWhether you purchase the physical package or the digital only package, you’ll receive lifetime access to ALL course materials through the Satori Method Academy. This includes a BONUS qickstart package: with 2 videos; a Qi manual which has a transcript of the course videos; and Tristan Truscott and Peter Ragnar’s Qigong Blueprint (audio). There are also some additional bonus materials. See their website for the latest details.

You can choose whether to download the material to your computer or watch it online. It is accessible on all mobile devices, and on any computer.

Good Morning Good Evening Qigong is a highly professional and efficiently-structured course that is optimised for people from western cultures.

  • This qigong course is particularly well-designed and user-friendly.
  • The qigong exercises are explained in detail. They are shown from front-on and side-on, to give you a clearer understanding of the posture, breath and flow of movement.
  • Tristan and Peter teach the exercises in stages to avoid overloading your energy system, and to assist you in learning the subtle details of the morning and evening routines.
  • The exercises seem simple but they’re also powerful, particularly if you stick to Peter and Tristan’s special qigong recipe, as it’s taught. If you’ve studied qigong before, some of the movements (or ingredients) may be familiar to you, but like all good recipes, there are some ‘secret ingredients’. And the magic is in the way they are mixed together.
  • Your investment for this unique combination of physical and downloadable course material is $397 (plus postage) Special Price $197. Over a year, that’s only 54 cents a day, or $3.79 a week, and in many regards this information is priceless. What would you give for a lifetime of having supercharged energy and a thriving body? Especially when you consider that this may lengthen your life!
  • If you’d like to save the postage cost and another $50, then go for the digital only product. At $297 , Special Price $147, this is only 40 cents a day.
  • Peter and Tristan are contactable by email, and they also offer a private membership (for a monthly fee) to their Transformation Academy, for weekly coaching and other assistance.

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This Truly Is An Awesome Product!  But don’t just take my word for it.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO to see what John Assaraf (the vision board guy on the movie, “The Secret”), thinks of these Qigong techniques.

What’s better than a sneak peek?  The BIG saving you’ll find here.  Available for a limited time.

2. It Does What IT Says It Does   5 Star rating

Tristan and Peter are excellent guides, and they deliver on their promises. Their 4-week qigong program is paced for ease of learning; their instructions are clear; their teaching style is entertaining, and they inspire confidence.

  • With A Bit Of Practice And Focussed Attention, you can feel your chi shifting. The morning session elevates your energy and mood; the evening one calms you down in preparation for sleep.
  • Look For Subtle Changes. It’s likely that in the early stages of doing the qigong exercises, you’ll notice some subtle changes. Maybe you feel more energised, which makes your day less of a drag. Your skin might feel softer and look younger; you might sleep more deeply; you may have less aches and pains (although any new exercise program can temporarily produce a few sore spots). Your general mood might improve with less stress and less irritability, and you may have signs of improved hormonal balance, however that shows up for you.
  • The Long Term Benefits that this program claims to deliver will largely depend on your starting point (i.e your state of health at the beginning); your attention to detail, and the frequency of your practice.  Going by my experience so far, there is every reason to expect a rising improvement in your overall well-being, the longer that you keep practicing the Good Morning Good Evening Qigong exercises.

3. Ease Of Use For Self Healing  5 Star Rating

If you can put a dvd into your player, and can follow clear directions in English, then there shouldn’t be any problem. It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

  • The course format is well thought out. The discs are clearly labelled for your morning or evening qigong sessions. The  exercises are easy to do and they are taught in stages to assist you in learning the finer details of the movements, breathing techniques, and postures. Each lesson is practiced for a week before moving on to the next level.
  • Lesson Choices: The first three qigong lessons (DVDs 1 to 6) have two options… a private lesson, which includes all of the detail, and a follow along lesson, which is streamlined for doing the exercises. This is a really good idea because it gives you a choice of doing both, or just ‘the follow along’ lesson (once you’ve learned the movements, of course). The first DVD also includes the fundamentals of qigong practice and other general information.
  • Written transcripts of the lessons are provided with your digital downloads, so you can always refer to these for a quick reminder about part of the lesson, rather than having to put in the dvd.
  • Power Sessions: The 4th lesson (DVD 7) contains your morning and evening power sessions. (no private lesson is needed) These combine the techniques that you’ve already learned, into two, stream-lined 10-minute routines, one for the morning and one for the evening.
  • Training Posture: The lessons are demonstrated in standing, and this is how the movements are best done, but they could be modified for sitting or lying, if you’re unable to stand.
  • Physical requirements: You’ll need to be able to move your arms… although I wouldn’t totally rule out the option of just doing the exercises in your mind. If you’re good at visualising, and you can’t move much, then this might be an excellent start to your self healing.
  • An audio cd copy of the power sessions is provided, so that you can practice the routines without having to be in front of your television or computer. You might want to do your qigong exercises on the beach or in a park , or outside in your garden. The audio track can be copied to your mp3 player or phone for ease of use.
  • An audio cd of Tristan and Peter’s qigong blueprint is also included.

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4. Ease Of Use To Help Others

This qigong dvd course is aimed at self healing and self improvement. It does not include using qigong energy to heal others.

BUT keep in mind that, the stronger, healthier and happier you are, the less of a burden or concern you are to others. And the more chi you store in your own body, the less you’ll look to others to provide that energy.

The more you radiate vital life force, the more magnetic you become to others. You’ll be a joy to be around, and that will aid others healing.

5. The Money Back Guarantee  5 Star Rating

You can take comfort in the fact that there is a 100%, 30-day money back guarantee but I doubt you’ll need it.

Gold Money Back Guarantee The guarantee period starts from your order date, before you receive the physical package, if you’ve ordered one, but this is not a problem because you’ll have immediate access to the lessons online. You shouldn’t need more than a week or two to see the enormous potential of this course for you.

Once your physical product arrives, it should only take a few moments to check that the 7 dvds and the 2 cds work in your player. It’s unlikely that you’ll have any problem, especially if you intend that everything works perfectly. (It’s a law of attraction thing)

6. My Personal Opinion   5 star Rating

Good Morning Good Evening Qigong is the best chi building course I’ve seen so far. It’s detailed but quick. It’s structured and easy to learn. I like the modern videos; the setting; the teaching style, and the music! The guided imagery and affirmations that Tristan adds to the exercises helps to set the mood for a wonderful day or evening… and a good life!

  • I feel good after doing the qigong exercises and I like the various options for doing them. The audio (transferred to an mp3 player) may come in handy for practicing outside, once the weather warms up a bit. (It’s winter, as I write this). 10 to 15 minutes, morning and night, is manageable. Finding 20 to 60 minutes of time in one block would be more of a challenge.
  • I was one of the first to try this qigong course and it was before the full digital package was available, so I had to wait a few weeks for delivery to Australia. You won’t have that problem, now that all the course material is available through online membership, included in your purchase. This is part of what makes this course and the people behind it, so awesome.
  • If, like me, you’re not a morning person, then you’ll really benefit from starting your day with the beautifully guided, morning qigong routine.

Pros and Cons of Good Morning Good Evening
Qigong DVD Course

  • Cons: The ten minute power sessions feel a little rushed to me, but I think that with practice they will get easier. Some qigong courses include a still or sitting meditation, and it would have been nice to have one in this course. However it’s not essential, and Tristan does share some mental, emotional healing concepts in this course.
  • Pros: This is a purpose-designed qigong training which takes the best of ancient qigong techniques and combines them with modern-day self-development skills, to create a powerful healing package. It is high quality and well-taught. The variety of movement, and the balance of held postures and flowing movement, keeps it interesting. You don’t have to stand still for too long. The 15-minute, week 3 routines can be used, instead of the 10-minute power sessions, if you prefer to take it a bit slower. The audio gives you the option of doing your qigong practice outside, or without the visual component, if you find that distracting. There is an option for weekly live coaching and other assistance with a paid membership to their private online Transformation Academy.



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