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A brief outline of what Qigong will do for you.

With Qigong you’ll learn how to move in such a way that you optimise your body’s flow of chi for good health, vitality and longevity.

Qigong can increase your flexibility and strength; improve your blood flow; lower your blood pressure; boost your energy levels, and calm your mind. With continued practice of qigong, you will feel, and maybe even look, younger.

Qigong has been practiced in China for thousands of years, and is still going strong today. It has also spread to many other parts of the world, and has ‘given birth to’ many other martial arts practices. Few people are aware that the popular, kung fu and tai chi practices are founded on qigong teachings.

Like dancing, qigong has universal appeal. The slow, gentle patterns of movement build your life force, and assist the flow of blood and energy (qi) around your body, which improves your wellbeing on all levels.

Qigong is a soothing and uplifting form of energy work, that is based on ancient knowledge about chi (qi); the meridian system, and yin and yang. It’s one of the safest forms of exercise that you can do, and suits all fitness levels.

CHECK OUT my articles and reviews below for more interesting details about qigong and how you can learn it in the comfort of your own home.

Qigong Reviews

Tristan Truscott teaching The Flow FormNEW
Flow Form Qigong Review – Satori Method Moving Meditation
This is the latest qigong online program from Tristan Truscott and the Satori Method Academy. The Flow Form is a moving meditation style of qigong. It is slow, graceful, flowing and connected to the breath, with a strong healing focus as well as promoting deep inner peace.  Show me more.
Good Morning Good Evening Qigong CourseGood Morning Good Evening Qigong DVD Course Review
Would you like to start every day with a GOOD morning, and end it with a GOOD evening? Well, now you can. It only takes 10 minutes, it’s fun and it’s easy! This awesome, qigong dvd course by Peter Ragnar and Tristan Truscott … Show me more
Spring Forest Qigong CourseSpring Forest Qigong Program Review
Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) is a home-study course in medical qigong, created by the renowned, Master Chunyi Lin. This qigong dvd and cd program  teaches the best techniques for health and healing … Show me more
Simon Blow Qigong DVDSimon Blow Qigong DVD – Absorbing The Essence  Review
Australian Qigong Master, Simon Blow, has created a masterful qigong dvd for increasing longevity. Based on secret teaching from the famous Mt Wudang region, Absorbing the Essence guides you through… Show me more
Which qigong course is best?Qigong Exercises DVD Comparison
People have different personalities, time schedules, and preferences, so not everyone will want the same style of program. Check out the criteria below to find out which qigong dvd course will give you the experience…  Show me more

 Qigong Articles

Qigong exercises in ChinaWhat Is Qigong, Qi Kung, Or Chi Kung?
In brief, qigong is a form of exercise and meditation, for cultivation and cleansing of qi (chi). It has developed from Ancient Chinese healing practices that were in use over five thousand years ago…  Show me more
Statue showing Qigong - Tai Chi ExercisesQigong Exercises – Energy Work For Power And Longevity
Are you feeling drained and tired? Are your batteries running low? Did your youthful vigour slip away one night while you were sleeping fitfully? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that you CAN recharge your flagging energy by…  Show me more
chi, gong and yin yang symbolsExploring Qigong – The Chi (Qi) StoryWhat does chi mean in the context of qigong? This article answers that question by exploring the main aspects of Chinese chi, including its definition, the chi symbol, the difference between Heaven and Earth chi, and much more… Show me more
Yin Yang footprintExploring Qigong – What Does Yin Yang Mean?The yin yang sign is known worldwide but what does yin yang mean? Understanding this founding concept of Chinese philosophy aids your qigong practice … Show me more
Acupuncture Meridian ChartExploring Qigong – What Are Body Meridians?As you now know, qigong cultivates your vital life force by building, strengthening and balancing your yin and yang chi. It also optimises the flow of energy through your body meridians, of which there are several types. So, what are meridians?…  Show me more
Upper, Middle and Lower DantiansExploring Qigong – What Is A Dantian?If you want answers to questions like… What is a dantian? Is it the same as a chakra? How many dantians are there? Is one more important than the others? Just keep reading, and it will all become clear…  Show me more
Qigong balances movement and stillness Exploring Qigong – Wu Chi (wuji) And Other Qigong PrinciplesAll seven qigong principles are equally important. Wu Chi, (or Wuji), begins your qigong practice; the other principles create the flow…  Show me more
The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Focal PointsExploring Qigong – Microcosmic Orbit Chi MeditationWould you like to feel at ease in your body and mind; energised and “on top of the world”? Do you want more life? Are you seeking spiritual grace? If so, then the qigong, microscosmic orbit meditation is a big step in the right direction… Show me more
Qigong Benefits | Mind Body SpiritQigong Benefits For Mind Body Spirit Health
Qigong benefits our vibrational state, and even though the most obvious benefits are physical, it influences all aspects of our mind body spirit health…  Show me more
A Closer Look At The Chinese MeridiansChinese Meridians: A Closer Look, Part 1
Part 1 introduces the Chinese meridians system. This is the where you’ll find a body meridians definition; details of the 12 meridians; a meridian chart and other interesting ideas……   Show me more
Yin Yang energy channels | direction of flowChinese Meridians: A Closer Look, Part 2 – The Meridian Clock
Part 2 dives back into the mystery of Chinese meridians by exploring yin and yang energy channels; the arm and leg meridians; and the awesome meridian clock…  Show me more
Extraordinary Meridians | Monkey faceChinese Meridians: A Closer Look, Part 3 – Extraordinary Vessels
Part 3 offers a unique summary chart of the 12 meridians, and gives more detail on the previously introduced, eight extraordinary meridians. This includes information on the du mai, ren mai and chong mai channels… Show me more
Buddha hand | tracing the meridiansChinese Meridians: A Closer Look, Part 4 – Tracing Energy Meridians
Part 4 completes the series with: meridian tracing and Donna Eden’s demonstration; awesome meridian charts and videos; and the energy meridians controversy…  Show me more
Unicorn | Acupuncture Meridians as Fact or FantasyAcupuncture Meridians – Fact Or Fantasy
Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that acupuncture meridians (jing luo) circulate chi throughout your body. Is this pure fantasy or does meridian research support the idea?  Show me more
Meridian Videos | Tracing the 12 meridiansPathways Of The 12 Meridians – Videos
This collection of brief, educational videos by Tuina Šola masaže, clearly traces the main meridians on a naked male body. If full frontal nudity offends you, stay away from this page. Apart from the ‘distractions’, this is an excellent resource for learning the meridian pathways…    Show me more
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