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When our movements are limited by pain, stiffness, weakness, disease, injury, or even too much fat, we feel older. We feel more vulnerable. We feel less capable. And, instead of revelling in our bodies, we feel trapped by them.

This is NOT a good way to live.

Move your body
This section of my website looks at ways to improve your body’s flexibility; strength; energy levels; blood flow; lung capacity; body awareness; comfort; balance, and weight, through the use of healing movement.

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You Need To Move!

You know that. There’s no fun without moving your body.

Movement Is Vital To Emotional, Physical, And Mental Wellbeing

It greatly affects your quality of life. Just ask anyone who is paralysed, and they’ll tell you, how much the loss of movement affects them.

In this technological era, many of us are blessed with labour saving devices, and gadgets for entertainment, but this also means that we are inclined to sit way too much.

It’s not surprising then, that our muscles weaken and atrophy, and our joints get sore and stiff. Some of us have the added issue of stacking on weight.  Recent research has shown that sitting too long each day threatens your health and can even reduce your lifespan.

No kidding! Did anyone ever think that sitting all day was a healthy choice?

The GOOD NEWS is, that you don’t need to push yourself to do hours of exercise every day, in order to heal your body, or to be fit and well. If you choose the right forms of healing movement, you can gain enormous benefit from brief periods of exercise.

What Sort Of Exercise Helps With Healing?

Our intelligent bodies like nothing better than to be used in a way that encourages that intelligence, and in a way that is in harmony with the body’s neuromuscular, circulatory, respiratory and energy systems.

Look at how babies learn to move themselves around. They don’t exercise to build strength and skill; they play; they explore, and they use a lot of repetition. They’re also extremely focussed and in the moment.

These qualities of repetition, playfulness and focussed attention also help us as adults, and so, the best ways to move your body,  often include these properties.

Please note that this section is referring to using movement for SELF HEALING. It’s NOT a comment on regular exercise routines or sports.

Since you’re here reading this, the assumption is, that your body is not 100% comfortable, or fully functional. I’ve been there myself. I know what it’s like. It’s hard to find a way of moving your body that doesn’t stir you up, which makes it close to impossible to get fit.

That’s why it’s important to start slowly, and keep in mind that even the gentlest forms of exercise may cause some temporary upset. If you do too much, too soon, you’ll just make yourself sore, which is a big deterrent to continuing exercising.

The programs that I’ve chosen for this website, to help you heal your body, are aimed at restoring, rebuilding and regenerating your body in the safest ways possible. Even so, there may be some discomfort at first; some conditions may even be painful, but please…

LET GO of the Myth about No Pain, No Gain!

It’s right up there with thinking you can ‘beat some sense into yourself’, or someone else, for that matter. It doesn’t work.

Forcing your body to do your bidding is unlikely to create long-term beneficial results.

Exercising with care and consideration for your most valuable asset (your body) will produce much better results. ‘Gentle’ does NOT mean ‘powerless’ or ‘ineffective’.

NB: Take responsibility for your own well-being. If you have an existing health condition, that you’re receiving treatment for, you would do well to consult your health professional before starting any new exercise routine.

Topics Covered So Far

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