Latest Version Of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

In the video below, Donna Eden demonstrates the latest version of her daily energy routine. Over the years, thousands of people around the world have used various versions of this programme to heal and energise themselves daily. The feedback from these people has prompted Donna to tweak the energy routine from time to time. This is her latest and best version.  It's simple. It's FUN and, over time,  it will make you feel a LOT better!

What Is Donna's Daily Energy Routine?

If you've never done an energy routine with Donna Eden, then you're in for a pleasant surprise. This vivacious, and loving lady shows you every step of this programme, for free. She demonstrates the movements, postures and deep breathing, and explains what each of the eight parts does for you. (It's hard to believe that she's 72-years-old!)

The video takes  about 11 mins but once you've learned the routine, it can be completed in 5 to 7 minutes.

As Abraham-Hicks says, "Words do not teach at all. It is life experience that brings you your knowing."  (excerpt from Chicago, IL workshop, November 2nd, 1997).

So, make sure that you DO the movements and postures with Donna, to get a real sense of what they are about.

You'll need a chair for #4 The Wayne Cook Posture. The rest are done in standing. If you can't stand, then do the best you can in sitting.

What You'll Learn In This Video

  • #1 The Four Thumps to ground yourself, increase your vitality, boost your immune system and metabolise everything.
  • #2 The Cross Over Shoulder Pull for clarity of mind and to help heal yourself from sickness.
  • #3 The Cross Crawl - find out why you want your energies to cross over
  • #4 The Wayne Cook Posture - unscramble your energies, calm your emotions. Find out how this will help you deal with heartache.
  • #5 The Crown Pull - perfect for headaches, muddled thinking, and a stuffy head.
  • #6 Connecting Heaven and Earth - an ancient remedy for energy healing. Could it be Ancient Egyptian?
  • #7 The Zip Up - makes use of the Conception Vessel or Ren Mai meridian that runs up the front of the body. Donna always refers to it as the Central Meridian. (This is a bit confusing because the meridian normally called the Central Meridian, or Chong Mai,  lies deeper in the front of the body, near the spine).  Not to worry though. It's just a name, and the process works to protect you from negativity, no matter what you call  the energy channel.
  • #8 The Hook Up - this helps to connect the two extraordinary meridians that run up the centre of your body, front and back.  You'll hear her refer to the Microcosmic orbit, one of the most valued chi meditations.

Try Donna Eden's daily energy routine, every day for two weeks and see what it does for your energy levels and state of mind. I'd love to hear how you go, so come back and leave a message below. Your story may inspire someone else to improve their life too.  You'll get lots of warm fuzzies with that!

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  1. Hi Jenny
    I really enjoy your website, I hope you like mine too!
    I am studying Tai Chi Qigong, and doing my instructor course, so your information about meridians has been really helpful to me.
    I am a meditation teacher and I am planning to make 2016 a significant year for teaching meditation.
    Thank you. You are inspirational

    Georgina x

    • Hi Georgina,
      Thanks for your lovely comments. I am delighted that the meridian information has been useful for you. Good luck with your book and CD on meditation. I’m sure they will benefit lots of people. Your web site looks good too. I hope your plans for 2016 go well.