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As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, self healing is a big topic. Initially I thought to do as others have done, by dividing  my healing articles into the usual three Mind, Body and Spirit categories, but it didn’t feel right to me.

This is because…

People are NOT made up of neatly defined packages of body, mind and spirit.

Slef healing categories
It’s impossible to separate these elements, one from the other.

Like the famous author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, Douglas Adams, used to say, it’s all about the “intergalactic interconnectedness of things“.

Catchy phrase isn’t it!

Everything you do, and everything you think will affect ALL PARTS of you.

Especially when you are awake, anything that you do is influenced by your mind, your emotions, your body and your spirit.

Whether you’re having breakfast with your family, or walking down the street, or playing sport, or sitting at your computer, all alone in your office.

you are:

  • Observing the world around you
  • Making judgements about what you see and hear and feel
  • Thinking thoughts of some description
  • Which produce emotions, as feedback from your spirit
  • While your body keeps itself functioning
  • And you move your body purposely, in order to DO something
  • And your non-physical self enjoys the expansion that comes with each moment
  • While it constantly communicates with Source energy and with your mind (even if you don’t hear it).

There’s SO much going on at once, that it’s not a wonder we’re exhausted by the end of the day. Ha ha!

Anyway, here are the CATEGORIES, that I’ve chosen to use for my SELF HEALING ARTICLES …

More coming… after much research, writing, graphic design etcetera. It might be a while!

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  1. Frances says:

    I have left and right compressed nerves in the lumbar area . No discs left at L4 and L5 . Much back pain . walking is compromised . How can this help me . Just getting started .

    • Hi Frances,
      I feel for you. I’ve been in a similar position to you and know how painful compressed spinal nerves are. And how scary it is to not be able to walk. “No discs left at L4 and L5” sounds very final doesn’t it but the body has amazing powers to heal if we give it the opportunity. Medical evidence and diagnoses can stop us from expecting the body to heal, so they are useful but also limiting. I assume you have tried physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment and have a health practitioner to guide you, should you need “outside help”. From my own observations I know that the best start to self healing comes from acknowledging that the body is giving you a message from your higher self – your awesome self. It is an opportunity for awareness, not a punishment. If you can get your head around that and start to allow the message to filter through to you, then the body doesn’t have to keep “screaming it” at you. The pain can therefore lessen.
      Some ideas about the message: If walking is painful then the body may be trying to make you aware of the “pain” you feel about going forward in your life. It may be a physical move to another place that upsets you or fear of what’s to come. The lower back is often to do with financial problems. Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” is a good starting point. Inna Segal’s book “The Secret Language of Your Body” is another excellent read.
      Reiki can help you release whatever stresses you are holding onto, and can help your body heal on a cellular level. EFT or tapping can also help – you might like to check out this youtube video “Tapping through Pain – EFT with Brad Yates” and just copy what he does. If you can find someone locally who is a Quantum Touch healer, they may be able to help you heal more quickly too. Holding a reflexology ball in your hand and squeezing it can help reduce the pain by stimulating reflexology points in your hand. Concentrate on pressing against the base of the thumb down to the wrist to help the lower back. You can use the teeth of a small comb to do this too. Take care not to harm your skin though. I hope this gives you some ideas. Wishing you a speedy recovery. In Joy and Synergy Jenny Smagala

  2. Marianne Barkman says:

    Am in so much pain in R shoulder, arm and hand. Have bunions that move further and further over toes that are now clawing and calcifying into hammertoes. Have a pronounced stomach fat that wont go away. Have diabetes 2, etc and am a healer. I’m a Reiki Master. I have a shamanic friend who takes away my pain daily, however am now feeling that this could become a burden, so would like to work on myself more powerfully. By putting my hand on my thigh the pain in the shoulder does often leave and I am practising not to want to be in control all the time. I am 70 and am hoping to connect.
    I have an open wound on my heel. Just put a plaster on it. Which symbol to use for this? I’m using the Usui Master Symbol.

    • Hi Marianne.
      Sounds like you are feeling what Abraham-Hicks would call lots of “evidence of resistance”. Whenever we fight or resist anything in life we block the energy flow in our bodies, and this is often felt as pain or stiffness, as well as illness of course. The open wound in your heel is of concern considering the Diabetes, and the circulatory problems that often go with it. Has your doctor, or other health professional checked it for you? 10/10 for not calling yourself a diabetic, and saying instead that you have Diabetes. It’s better to never own the disease. Would you agree?
      As a reiki master you are obviously familiar with self-healing using “energy medicine”. Have you ever tried qigong? I think this would help all the areas that are troubling you,including your circulation in your legs, as long as you take care with the movements. (take a look at the Reviews – tab at top of page – or my qigong articles here, for more information.)
      Your right shoulder, arm and hand pain sounds like it might be either referred from your neck, or from your upper back (4th thoracic vertebra area). Have you seen a physiotherapist for this? Do you sit a lot, and do you tend to hunch over? If so, changing your posture may help. Also, if the problem in your arm does relate to your upper back, then lying on your back, on a ball of thick socks, or a slightly squashy ball(~size of orange) for a few moments can help. Place it either side of the spine, in bed or on the floor, depending on comfort.
      For the reiki symbols to use, it depends on your intention, and your personal preference. I personally use the Cho-ku-rei often, when I have any painful spots. I imagine lots of small CKR’s going into my body and protecting and healing the cells. But I also use a 3 symbol group every day, in the palm of my hand before giving myself reiki. I use CKR with two Tibetan symbols, Raku and Dai-Ko-Mio, I learned from Chikara-reiki-do. (They are easy to remember and draw.) You can read my Chikara review here,
      I wish you all the best in your quest for more powerful self healing. I hope that some of this information proves useful to you.
      In joy and synergy

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