Flow Form Qigong Review – A Satori Method Moving Meditation

The Flow Form Review

Meet the newest kid on the block for Satori Method Academy. It's called The Flow Form, and it's Tristan Truscott's baby. By that I mean he's invested a lot of himself in this qigong moving meditation. There is genuine love shining through for what he teaches; plus an encouraging show of confidence in the healing properties of qigong. He would know, after all! 

If you've seen his other qigong online program, done with Peter Ragnar, you may wonder what's different about this one. Everything you need to know about The Flow Form is in this comprehensive review. So, keep reading and you'll understand why it's right that Tristan Truscott teaches this one alone.


Origins Of The Satori Method Flow Form

No doubt you've heard the old, English proverb before that says, "Necessity is the mother of invention."   And this is what lies at the foundations of The Flow Form. Tristan's need to overcome his personal suffering drove him to find his own solution. His need led to the invention, or creation of this wonderful, self healing qigong course... which is our gain!

Tristan's five year struggle with debilitating back pain and injury, led him to explore many healing options. He tried everything available, including expensive spinal surgery but nothing worked until he started exploring the ancient healing art of qigong.

From his new studies, and previously attained knowledge, he created a personal healing program of fluid, qigong movements and postures. This unique program, combined with meditation and visualisation techniques, allowed him to heal fully. And then to regain his previous black-belt karate, fitness level.

And now Tristan Truscott has decided to make this special healing qigong program available to YOU; as the Satori Method, Flow Form.

What's So Special About The Flow Form?

If you've been looking at qigong dvds or courses for a while, you'll know that there are hundreds of qigong styles and programs available. So you may like to know what sets this program up at the top of the qigong ladder.


The Flow Form Sits at the top of the qigong ladder
  • Specifically focussed for self-healing from chronic injury, weakness and pain
  • Western-friendly, modern approach, designed especially for people from Western cultures
  • Lifetime Online access to the course materials Your qigong online course is there whenever you need it
  • User-friendly format  All course materials can be downloaded, or accessed online.
  • A hard copy is available but not compulsory, so you can save money with the digital only package
  • Quick and easy to learn, thanks to the excellent teaching from Tristan Truscott, and the and step-by-step program structure
  • Moving Meditation This style of qigong is very reflective, slow and flowing, with lots of attention on the timing of the breath, which makes it perfect as a moving meditation
  • Standing Meditations These are designed to quickly activate and recharge one or all of your energy centres, while strengthening your muscles' holding power and your balance
  • Gentle qigong exercises that can be easily modified to suit people of all ages, levels of fitness and qigong experience
  • The four week training provides a strong basis for ongoing exploration of qigong and teaches awareness of the natural flow of qi through your body
  • Individual sessions for the Wisdom Centre; the Heart Centre; and the Power Centre, that can be done separately or all together, as the full program

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Quick Review Of The Flow Form Qigong Training

Tristan Truscott | Flow Form Creator


A Four Week, Qigong Online Course, Created by Tristan &  Sabrina Truscott

Value For Money

Does What It Says It Does

Ease Of Use For Self Healing

Suitable For People

Virtually anyone, regardless of fitness level, age & gender; whether you're new to qigong or experienced

Special Requirements

It helps to have an open mind. You'll need a device to play digital music and videos (or hard copy, if purchased)

Product Type

This course comes standard as an online and downloadable digital copy. There is an option to add a hard copy at the checkout.

Digital Product

Includes lifetime access through the Satori Method Academy to all your materials. Lessons stream on all your mobile devices. Can be downloaded to any computer. (plus other downloadable bonuses)

Ease Of Digital Download

Physical Product

This is an Optional Upgrade
6 disc, (5 DVDs, 1 CD) neatly boxed set

Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk Free - 30 days

Encrypted Safe Purchase

Pay by Credit Card or Paypal

Personally Tested By Jenny

Yes. The Flow Form is now part of my qigong library.

Best Price

Digital package  $147
Hard Copy  upgrade $27 (Plus postage)

Full Review of The Flow Form Qigong Course

This full review gives detailed information about the Satori Method Qigong online course called The Flow Form. It includes details on the four most important qualifying criteria from the quick review above, plus my personal evaluation, and the pros and cons.

  •  value
  • reliability
  • ease of use
  • guarantee
  • my rating
  • pros & Cons

1. Value For Money

When you buy The Flow Form online program, you are given lifetime access to the digital materials. So, if you move house and misplace your hard copy;  or you move to a different country, or lose everything on your computer, you will always be able to access (and re-download) the lessons.  Provided you have a device connected to the internet and your Satori Method Academy, free membership details are kept updated, you will be able to access The Flow Form anywhere, any time!

This is unbeatable value, in the security and wide access that it gives you for your purchase.

The Digital Online Product

The investment for the digital course is $147 . That's for a 25 page pdf (some pages are for your notes); a 16 minute audio; and  14 videos (ranging in length from 7 mins to 27 mins). It is a four week course with a lifetime of use. So any way you divide it, this qigong training is good value.

A download link is sent to your email address immediately after you purchase The Flow Form, so you can start your qigong training as soon as you like.

Flow Form Menu | Members area

In your members area for The Flow Form, you'll find this menu that clearly shows you what part to do next.

  • The GET STARTED section gives you the pdf course outline, an introduction video, and a video about qigong fundamental principles. It's important to watch these before starting the week one lessons.
  • WEEK ONE, TWO AND THREE include your Private Lessons and Practice Sessions for the Power Centre, Heart Centre, and Wisdom Centre (in that order). You use these videos for the whole week.
  • In the Private Lessons, Tristan goes through each movement in fine detail. He is very thorough, and the explanations are interesting and clear. It is a bit like learning dance steps for a routine. The slow pace gives you plenty of time to learn the choreography. Plus there's no limit to how many times you can watch them and practice.

    As any dancer will know, the more automatic your movements become (through training the muscle-memory), the more you can focus on the quality of the movement. In the case of qigong movements, this means you can start to FEEL and GO WITH THE FLOW of the qi (chi) in and around your body.
  • The Practice Sessions take you through the movements for each of the energy centres (one a week) without interruption. You follow along with Tristan Truscott as your Sensei (teacher). Don't worry though, he verbally directs you through all the movements.
  • In WEEK FOUR, all the lessons come together as one fifteen minute qigong routine. This incorporates all that you have learned in the first three weeks to activate and circulate the life force energy through your Power Centre, Heart Centre and Wisdom Centre.  This week brings the magic into your qigong practice as you now integrate all three energy centres with your qigong practice. This is when you are likely to feel bigger changes in your well-being. 

    There are three versions of the full Flow Form for you to use, which is excellent value. Satori Method Qigong knows that people have individual preferences. Not everyone likes the same music, and not everyone relaxes in the same setting. So you can choose the indoors, ocean or park setting to really put you in the right frame of mind for your qigong practice. This also gives you a choice of instruction or no instruction; and different music-nature sounds to enjoy.
  • There are THREE BONUSES: An audio track for you to do the qigong routine without the video. This gives you greater freedom to practice the moves wherever you like. A video showing you how to incorporate special magnets into your qigong training. And an introductory month of  private coaching and VIP club access for $7 (the usual rate is $47 a month)

There is a thriving Satori Method Community on Facebook where you can keep up with the latest news and access a free meditation.

The Standing Meditations come as two videos. As with the  earlier lessons there is a Private Lesson and a Practice Session showing you how to get the most benefit from these standing meditations.

The full Flow Form course can be done online, or you can download all the course material to your computer. The choice is yours! If your internet access is troublesome, you may prefer to download everything, so you can access it any time.  You are also permitted to burn one copy to dvd for your own use.

Ease Of Download

Which brings me to the reason why I rated their Ease of Download (in the quick review) as 4.5 stars, not 5. 

The One Click Download link in the menu takes you to a page where all the individual components can be downloaded. I would have liked the option of a single zipped file with everything in it. That would have been 5 stars to me, but I understand that many people wouldn't use this option anyway. There are issues with larger downloads, with many computers, and since there's no hurry (you have a lifetime, remember!) it might be better to download one section at a time.

The Physical Product

The trend these days is towards digital music and videos. I guess it's a space saving, cost-saving move. If, like me, you still like to have a physical copy of your purchase, then Satori Method Academy have you covered. You can check the box for the optional hard copy upgrade at the checkout.

  • The extra cost is only $27 (plus postage); great value for 6 discs.
  • The 6 disc, (5 dvds and 1 cd), course comes neatly packaged in a compact, sturdy case that doesn't take up much storage space.
  • The videos are of excellent quality.
  • While you wait for your hard copy to be delivered, you can get started online (assuming you have internet access of course).

Why This Course Is Such Good Value

To re-cap...

  • This is a unique qigong course, created and taught by Tristan Truscott, co-founder of Satori Method Academy.
  • You have lifetime access to The Flow Form course materials online
  • You can choose whether to invest in a hard copy of the course or not
  • The investment for this unique combination of physical and downloadable course material is very fair. A lot of knowledge and effort has gone into making this moving meditation, qigong course exceptional. In many regards this information is priceless. What would you give for a flexible, comfortable body to spend your life in; supercharged energy; a deep sense of inner peace; and maybe even a longer life?
  • The DIGITAL ONLY product is $147.  The hard copy upgrade is $27
  • Tristan is contactable by email, and Satori Method also offer a private membership (for a monthly fee) to their Transformation Academy, for weekly coaching and other assistance.


Satori Flow Form | Longevity Secrets

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