Energy Healing Techniques

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Have you noticed that healing is shifting to a wider focus? In western medicine, health care professionals are trained to zone in on the problem, and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed. The down side, though, is a tendency to ‘tunnel vision’, which over emphasises the signs and symptoms of disease, and ignores the underlying energetic cause.

We Are All Energy In Motion

So it makes sense to tend to this aspect of our beings. The whole-body perspective of energy healing, can be used to augment and (dare I say) even replace, mainstream medicine at times.

The term, Energy Healing, could be applied to every form of healing known to man, because absolutely everything that you experience on Earth, including your body, is energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

There are, however, various healing techniques and methods that are specifically aimed at altering your body’s subtle energy systems, and they are the ones that will be included here.

This section of my website looks at specific energy healing techniques that
improve your energy levels; flow of chi; blood circulation;  organ function; autonomic nervous system  balance; hormonal balance; and well-being of  mind, body and spirit.

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Sometimes The Deeper You Look, The Less You Find

Modern western medicine works on the principle of reductionism, where the belief is that if we understand the parts, then we will understand the whole, but the problem is that human beings are more than the sum of their parts.

shadow people | silhouette For thousands of years, we’ve been taking the human body apart and studying the bits, but it still hasn’t produced the user’s manual we’ve all been looking for.

This hasn’t stopped scientists from continuing the search. They just keep dissecting the pieces into smaller and smaller components, thinking that if they look deeper, they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Certainly this approach has produced some helpful and intriguing data, but if you don’t have access to all the information, then it’s a bit like studying someone’s shadow in order to find out what they look like.

We need to broaden our perspective… look wider, as well as deeper. We are vibrational beings, or energy beings, constantly transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy. We are so much more than just physical substance or matter.

Inner Space

Before 1897, when a British Physicist, Sir Joseph John Thomson, brought electrons to the notice of the scientific community, atoms were as small as it gets; and before 1965, the material world was pretty well sorted, boxed and labelled.

Then quantum physicists came up with new elementary particles.

The electron, neutron and protons were pushed out of the limelight, and subatomic units like quarks, bosons and fermions, took their place. You can see atoms under an electron microscope but not the subatomic particles. They have been brought into existence by scientific tests and deduction. In essence they exist, because the results of experiments say they have to.

What fascinates me is that these subatomic particles have been likened to miniature tornados or energy vortices.   They are in constant motion.

It turns out that matter, including our seemingly solid flesh, is full of ‘holes’, and swirling energy, and this same energy is all around us.

Picture yourself as a sponge floating in a bath of liquid energy or qi (chi). This is a perfect way to understand the qigong concept, that the qi is in you, and yet, at the same time, you are in the qi. We are constantly surrounded by a boundless ocean of energy, and this same energy also flows within us.

The fact that we can’t see it need not be an issue.

In our known universe, visible matter accounts for only five percent of the whole; the rest is made up of what scientists call dark matter, or dark energy.

So… what if the human body is the same?

Electron microscopes have allowed us to effectively expand matter to a degree that we can see the vast spaces between the atoms that make up our physical body cells. Could it be that this dark inner space provides evidence, of the universe within and the flow of energy, that Qigong and Yoga masters talk about?

Energy Healing Techniques

So, if we are prepared to take the physicists’ word on the existence of these subatomic particles, then can we not take the word of other cultures that have successfully based their health and wellbeing on unseen energy systems, for thousands of years.

These cultures know about connecting with earth’s healing energy, or walking barefoot on the dirt. They understand about ley lines and human body meridians; they believe in a vital life force, called prana, chi or ki; they meditate on their chakras, and clear their auras. They acknowledge the influence of stars, and the pull of the moon. They revere crystals, not as jewellery but as vibrational healing stones.

They understand that we are vibrational beings, and that everything in and around us is energy.

Now, I’m NOT suggesting that you construct a pyramid in your bedroom, and sit cross-legged inside it, while you chant sacred sounds to the beat of a drum, although who knows, that may be the answer you’re looking for.

But… I can recommend some energy healing techniques that have worked for me and my clients. They don’t stretch the bounds of credibility too much, and they are easy to do.

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NB: I probably don’t need to remind you about this, but as always, take responsibility for your own well-being. If you have an existing health condition, that you’re receiving treatment for, you would do well to consult your health professional before starting any new program.

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