Awesome Healing, the Third Key

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Awesome Healing | Third keyThere's probably no way that I can say this without sounding a bit up myself, but I wanted this site to be awesome.  Why choose ordinary healing when you can have AWESOME healing, right?

I always gave my best to my patients and I intend to give my best here as well. That's why I chose to showcase the pick of the crop.

 awesome healing | ASH celtic triskelion | third keyNow, you might be wondering…
What do I mean by awesome healing and, how do you create it?

The answer to the second part is easy, because it's the same way you create anything… with a bunch of 'tools'! (I'm using the term loosely here).

Which brings me to the….

Buffet Of Healing Tools

So far, no-one has come up with the one healing tool or technique that solves everything for everyone.

Your Awesome Healing Tool KitAnd, although that would certainly be fantastic, there is nothing wrong with using a variety of tools. As this website grows, you'll have a larger and larger buffet of awesome self healing tools to choose from.

Most of the healing tools that I recommend on this site, are ones I've personally used and found to be extremely helpful… and AWESOME, of course!

Many of them are part of my personal healing tool kit that I keep in my back pocket (metaphorically speaking), and use often.

Your Own Healing Tool Kit

Hopefully the information and reviews that I include on this site will assist you in making an informed choice. Of course, the vendor's sites will tell you more about the particular healing tool that you're interested in. Links to their sites are provided.

Then it's just a matter of trying them out, to find what works for you.

Over time, you can put together your own awesome healing tool kit and be set to handle anything that life throws your way.

What Do I Mean By Awesome Healing?

Well, it's a hard thing to define because with a term like "awesome", people expect miracles, and although miraculous healing does sometimes happen, it's not a defining quality of awesome healing.

Remember the previous article on self healing and the discussion about healing on a deeper level. Well, that deeper, more conscious return to wellbeing is what I'm referring to. It deals with the underlying mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.

So For Me, Awesome Healing Is:

  • The place of Ah-hahs and unexpected leaps in understanding
  • Where the healing process feels natural and organic; and where it is guided by your instinct or your heart
  • Possibly faster; it should certainly feel easier
  • When things click into place; you get happy tingles; you feel lighter, and you feel like you're 'in the flow'

Being in the flow doesn't mean that it's always fast, or without temporary hitches. The longer you've been 'unwell', or the more intense your issue is, the more resistance you're likely to have. This resistance will hinder the flow of healing energies, and slow the process down.

There IS some 'work' involved too. Unfortunately, you can't just twitch your nose like Samantha in Bewitched, and wish for change, (unless you're a talented witch like her, of course)

The amount of  work you need to do to heal is influenced by your beliefs about: receiving; effort and reward; failure and punishment; worthiness, and other similar concepts.

Awesome Healing Shouldn't Feel Like A Struggle

If you're struggling then it's likely that you're resisting the changes that have to happen before true healing can take place.

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe that life IS meant to be easy!

Maybe you just don't know how to play the game that way, yet. You're not alone there! (Most of us are still trying to work that one out.)

From A Law Of Attraction Perspective,

  •  If you used each conflict and difficulty in your life, to set your preferences
  • And you never looked at that particular bad stuff again
  • Then your  life would be a series of jumps, from what you prefer… to what you prefer
  • With brief contrast points between them

Sadly though, people in general don't think this way. They try and solve their problems by looking at 'the bad stuff' over and over again. They believe that life is meant to be a series of tasks or lessons that must be completed before they die; that people learn best through hardship and strife, and that suffering somehow makes us better.

These outdated points of view keep us limited and small, like perpetual children neatly seated at rows of desks in a classroom.


You Are A Powerful Wise Being And It's Time To Be Your Own Awesome Healer!

There are no lessons to learn. There's nothing you have to do. Earth is NOT a school. It's a playground. It's a studio where you, and others like you, can create to your heart's content.

Sometimes you'll like what you create and sometimes you won't, in which case all you have to do is let it go and move on.

We're never meant to get it all done. So, there will always be more to learn about yourself and your body.

The good news is, you don't have to do it all today!

THANKS for visiting. You're welcome back any time.

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  1. Roy says:

    Hi, Jenny: I just finished reading your 3 keys, and I must say you did an awesome job communicating so broad a concept as self-healing. I literally enjoyed it, down to vibrational tinglings and all. You’ve improved me. Thanks. : —]