About Jenny Smagala

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Qualifications: B.App Sc in Physiotherapy;  Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho, Reiki Method of Natural Healing (level 1 and 2);
Certified Chikara-Reiki-Do Master (Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master).  Plus lots of other non-certified training.  

Hi Awesome One,

Since you’re on this page, I guess you’d like to know a bit about the person behind this website. So, here goes…

Jenny Smagala lives with her wonderful, loving husband, in Australia, (the “land down under”) where she’s enjoyed working as a physiotherapist, reiki channel and light-body worker.

For over thirty years she explored the scientific and alternative avenues open to a healer. The path was a little bumpy at times, but she found a way to blend the medical-model, and complimentary medicine perspectives, fairly harmoniously.

Although Jenny no longer works directly with clients, she’ll always be a healer. Her intention is to uplift and inspire others, and to teach people how to heal themselves. That’s what this website is for.

You see, Jenny knows something about you, that you may have forgotten. You’re much more powerful than you realise!

And she’s keen to assist you in awakening your remarkable, self healing ability.

What Sort Of Healer Is Jenny?

Just so you know she’s qualified to run this site….

As a physiotherapist, Jenny worked in a lot of different health care environments. Her patients (clients) were people from all age groups (premature babies to nursing home residents); The types of health issues that she helped people with, included sports injuries; back and neck problems; hand injuries; stroke rehabilitation; head injuries; burns; chest care; antenatal and postnatal care… and lots more.

Once she set up her own private practice, Jenny created her own unique style of healing, which was aimed at the whole person (body, mind and spirit), rather than just the physical being.

Over the years, she’s helped thousands of people with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease. Well, at least, she took credit for it!

That was, until Jenny found out that she was merely a catalyst in people’s healing, and that the true healing power belonged to her clients.

As you can imagine, that was a major spanner in the works!

As she learnt more about the mind-body connection, and investigated various forms of energy healing, she came to understand the limitations of being a healer.

It became blindingly obvious that she couldn’t make anyone get better just because she wanted them to, because it wasn’t her doing the healing.

It wasn’t an easy thing to acknowledge the co-creative element of healer and “healee”, but Jenny eventually understood that no matter how much energy she devoted to the process, or how much great advice she gave, or how excellent her “treatments” were,  her client would never “get better” unless they agreed on all levels of their being to do so.

If some part of them resisted a return to health, (and this was usually sub-conscious) then the best result they could both hope for was a temporary healing, where the problem would return some time later, or would pop up somewhere else in the body.

Obviously, this was frustrating for both of them.

Who would have thought that someone can consciously want to be healed and yet, block their own recovery without even knowing it?

Jenny could see that conscious decisions were an important part of her client’s healing, and she knew that her treatments were helpful, but she also found out how much the client’s mindset and subconscious programs influenced their ability to heal. This required a whole knew way of looking at healing.

This is one of the reasons why Jenny became so focussed on teaching people about self healing.

You Don’t Have To Be “Cured” To Feel Better

Although she has yet to find any single product, technique, or style that works for everyone, Jenny has discovered many different ways to approach a problem.

She’s convinced that anyone can find a way to improved health and well-being. All self healing starts with finding a way to FEEL BETTER, even if a cure does not seem possible. It may take a combination of skills, and self healing tools, and it might take some people longer than others, but there’s nothing to stop you from improving the way you feel.

Jenny offers this free resource as a catalyst for positive change.  She believes that…

By synergetically combining, your natural healing ability with the information on this website, and with your choice of the awesome self healing tools reviewed here, you can create results far greater than the sum of the parts.

She expects that you’ll find the combination that works for you, because…

It is part of your true nature to continually reach for a life that is well worth living; a life filled with fun and appreciation.

May your journey be delightful. May your inner light shine ever brighter.

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12 Responses to “About Jenny Smagala”

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Jenny, I LOVE, LOVE and oh did I say LOVE your website. So inviting and uplifting. I have recently started my own business with sound massage, sound massage concerts, chakra alignments with sound, etc. I am also starting to take classes on BioGeometry…so darned exciting.

    I am curious if you have considered blogging on how to spread the word on the amazing benefits from something that can be done in individually, groups and self-care at home?

    Thank you in advance for your reply and time.

    Blessings and light!

    Sharon :-)

    You’re doing things for the highest good of all! Thank you for that. We want to increase the vibration of the world as a whole.
    Website is under construction

    • Hi Sharon,
      Sorry I missed your message. Thank you for your appreciation. It’s very kind of you. I haven’t had any experience with sound massage as such but I know that certain frequencies are more healing than others. I am currently using “Wholetones” by Michael Tyrrell for their healing vibes. All the best with your Sound Wellness Spa and BioGeometry classes. In Joy and Synergy, Jenny Smagala

  2. KANDARP MEHTA says:


    I am using many methods to heal patients like Reiki, Vastu, Horoscope, Yoga, Color, and off course Psychological and getting good results. I found the healing of emotional aura is better cure for many types of physical problems.

    love and light

    • Hi Kandarp Mehta.
      Keep up the good work. I’m not surprised that you find healing the emotional aura works well for your patients’ physical problems. To paraphrase Abraham-Hicks, the way we feel is everything. Whenever we feel bad in any way, we are cutting ourselves off from our own source of healing energy and life force. So releasing stuck emotions, like old resentments, shame and guilt, can make a massive difference to our physical well-being. It allows the light to flood back in doesn’t it!

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I have an idea about an integrated personal development coaching program based on the use of each of the three divine treasures.

    I would enjoy discussing it with you.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I always love to hear people’s ideas and I’m happy to add my perspective if that’s what you are looking for. Please send me an email (zip down to the bottom of this page for the contact page link) if you want to pursue this any further.

      In joy and synergy


  4. Howard Breckon says:

    Thank you for the sentiments. I continue to derive great benefits from your expert guidance on qi gong.

    very best wishes


  5. Sally says:

    Thank you for this information. Where in Australia are you? I am based near Noosa in Queensland. Would you teach this information in person?
    Love, Praise & Gratitude.

    • Hi Sally,

      Nice to hear from you. I am near Bega, on the Far South Coast of NSW. I do not have any plans to teach self healing skills in person at this stage. Sorry, but I have too many other commitments. I can reach a far greater number of people by providing information on this website, so that is my focus right now.

      Thanks for asking though.

      in joy and synergy


      • claire says:

        I have been looking for a reiki healer who could help me with my severe restricted lung disease I am on air and oxygen 6 hours a day.

        • Hi Claire.

          The best reiki healer will always be yourself! After all, YOU are always available, and free of charge! I realise that having a severe lung disease would make normal study of reiki extremely difficult, but you could do the online course. (The Chikara reiki training has the least study time).

          If that is too much of an effort for now, then try searching for “reiki healers near me” (without the quotation marks) in Google, or put in “reiki healer sydney” substituting the name of your nearest large town or city, for sydney of course. Hope this helps.

          Also if I may suggest some things for you to try. Give yourself 100% PERMISSION to breathe easily. Many people with lung problems do not feel good enough, and without knowing it they are withholding permission to breathe. Tell yourself over and over “I am good enough” “I deserve to breathe the same air as everyone else” “My lungs are welcome to take in as much air as they want.” “My breathing deeply and fully does not rob anyone else of air. There is enough for everyone.” Notice if this way of thinking makes your breathing a little easier. Then keep doing it.

          Your brain believes what you tell it (What you think and say). It also believes the pictures you create in your head. So tell yourself good things about yourself, and imagine yourself breathing easily. See yourself doing the things you’d like to do, with your lungs calmly and easily breathing for you. All the best with your healing journey.
          Love and light

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