About Awesome Self Healing

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Nurture your heart's awesome healing powerWhat Does It Offer You?

AwesomeSelfHealing.com offers you a special buffet of tested, self healing tools, that could be your best chance of finding relief from your health problems.

The best buffets have great quality, delicious food; and they have a large enough variety to provide something for everyone, don’t they!

It’s even better if they have something unique to share. And that’s what I want to do here.

It’s my goal to offer you (over time)…

  • Lots of free information on a wide range of self-healing topics.

  • Insights and tips from my many years as a healer, and as a self-development explorer.

  • And a growing selection of awesome self healing products, for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Only those products that fit my awesome criteria will be included. Of all the ones I’ve enthusiastically tested, these have proven to be the most reliable and useful healing tools.


There’s my blog (coming soon) with it’s metaphysical musings. That should be good for a laugh or two!

What’s My Intention? 

Well, to uplift and entertain you, of course; and to provide guidance, through information, if you want it.

So, it’s my expectation that you’ll enjoy this buffet of healing tools that I’ve “cooked up” for you and, sooner or later, you will……..

  • Re-discover your own healing power

  • Gain relief from whatever ails you, and  find answers to your problems

  • Choose the awesome self healing tools that serve you best

  • Learn how to nurture your own loving heart, for it has unbelievable power to heal

  • Learn how to live as your Awesome Self

  • And, embrace new concepts and ways of thinking about old issues.  If the old ways had served you well, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

It’s What YOU Believe, That Matters Most

Regarding all of the information on my website… you may or may not agree with my expressed views, or with the teachings of others that I present here, and that’s okay.

According to Abraham-Hicks, a BELIEF is only a thought that we repeatedly think until we accept it as true.

These “practised thoughts” include beliefs about illness and disease, and what can and can’t be healed.

This is GOOD NEWS because it means that your beliefs aren’t fixed and you can always re-think what’s true for you.

The catch is this…

Thinking in new ways is difficult to do without letting go of old, conflicting patterns of belief, and we all like to hold onto what we know.

I’m sure you already know, that to heal yourself you need to be prepared to change

Three Key Components

This website is founded on three key components. To find out what they are, and what they can do for you, click the link below…

first key | awesome self

CLICK HERE for the first key



Thanks for joining me today. May your healing journey go well and speedily.

I hope you find something here to inspire and uplift you.

For there is nothing better than feeling magnificent, and spending each day as your most AWESOME SELF


P.S. For those of you, who are into three letter abbreviations, the name, Awesome Self Healing was partly chosen for its acronym, ASH, and the following associations…

  • Claret Ash Tree: In my youth, I was a keen tree-climber, and I used to love the huge claret ash in the garden of my childhood home.

  • In Celtic Mythology, the ash  tree is associated with healing, transformation, spiritual expansion, and magic. PERFECT!

  • The Phoenix: In other myths and legends, the dying phoenix rises from the ashes, signifying rebirth, immortality and renewal.

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